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Premium steels galore!! ♥

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'Only this one steelbook', I told myself at the beginning.

'Just this one.' 


Well, of course, being a collector, I knew I was only lying to myself but hey, it happens to the best of us. ^^ 

About a year later and I have acquired quite a few steelbooks and I'm still far from satisfied. :) I mainly collect Marvel but if there's another movie that totally impresses me, I'm not gonna ignore a nice premium edition.


The biggest challenge is probably the display. As a Hot Toys collector, I really don't have enough room to display all my steelbooks but since most of them are too beautiful to be stored away on some shelf where all you can see is their spine, I make sure to display how many I can. :) I love to mix them with the Hot Toys but lately I've been running into some space issues with those as well so I might have to separate them. :( 


Long story short, here are some pics of my steelbook collection.



So far the only non-Marvel steelbooks I have. :) Really liked all of these movies and I hope Kimchi is gonna do a premium edition for Okja too so I can put that next to Snowpiercer. ♥



That's the shelf with some of my fave lentis (especially TWS and DP) and I can't wait to add Kimchi's Spider-Man Homecoming lenti! ?



Hot Toys Drax with both Blufans GOTG lentis. :) I'll probably have to separate them once my GOTG2 box set arrives but until then, Drax shows them off.



As a Cap fan, I was really happy that Kimchi announced premium editions of TFA and since I loved the movie, I got the OC. And more, as you can see. ? Really, that full slip is meant to be displayed like that. 



Not really much to say about this shelf other than that it's red/black/white only. ^^ I'm still looking for a way to include my Netflix Daredevil steelbook without it being 'too much'.



I call that the 'holo shelf'. ^^ I know, I know, lots of people hate holo foil but I love it. Just look how gorgeously colourful it is! *_* Now that makes for an amazing display!


Being a Cap fan, I also display some of my fave Cap steels above my desk together with ... probably my 3 greatest sins when it comes to money. ^^ I guess, you can tell what they are just looking at the pic.



I still have some more steelbooks but those aren't really displayed so a picture of those wouldn't be very exciting. ^^ Once I came around to display them, I'll make sure to post a picture here.

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vor 2 Stunden schrieb larson1977:

Awesome showcases, WOW 1f44d.png

Thanks dear! ? 


vor 40 Minuten schrieb ukade2327:

Amazing collection @Sauerkraut , loving those Hot Toys figures ......many thanks for sharing your collection .....1f600.png1f44d.png

Thank you!

Sadly I might need to move some of the steels from the hallway to the bedroom cabinets as the Hot Toys really start to take up all the room in the hallway. I should have done that once my Doctor Strange arrived yesterday but I couldn't bring myself to move the GOTG, TWS or Deadpool lentis ... can't hide them from the world! ? I'll have to think of a way to keep them in the hallway ...


Btw, I totally forgot, I'm also displaying Kimchi's TWS steelbook outside the slip. :) Coz it's gorgeous.


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@extantsrevenge Thank you! ? It's always nice to meet fellow Cap fans.


@nefilim Many thanks to you as well! I wish I could mix them more but it's really a space problem. ? It's also a constant fight as to which collectables will get the prime display spots in the cabinet in the hallway. Initially that one was reserved only for Hot Toys but I want visitors to see some of the awesome lentis too which makes it difficult the more stuff I buy. ?

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@Sauerkraut beautiful collection you have there.  I love the displays. If there's one series of movies deserving of premiums its the MCU and they look incredible in your displays.  Especially the way you've got 3 of the Kimchi cap full slips to make his suit.  Damn, that makes me want 2 more copies so I can do the same. Love it! 

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@Skid Mark What a nice thing to wake up to. Thanks so much dear! ? Makes me a very happy panda. ?

I never really decided to collecting steelbooks, it kinda just happened and now I have to make sure I display the steels as well as the Hot Toys. ?

I'm just glad I didn't commit to collecting premium steels of the entire MCU but rather just the movies I really liked or editions that are too good to pass.  That saves some money I guess. ?


And it seems that stupid me has decided to really enjoy Spider-Man Homecoming, so much so that I've seen it three times in the spann of a week, so add this one to the movies I can't have enough editions of. ? I managed to grab the Kimchi lenti when it went up on their site and had to rearrange my display coz it's too gorgeous and people gotta see it!



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@Sauerkraut I hear you. Collecting premiums is an expensive hobby because there's just soooo many good ones. You've done well to limit yourself to just your favourites.  Looks like you've got great taste too... Cap, Deadpool and Guardians are all great additions. And that lenti cover on Kimchi's Homecoming is insane.  Well done for bagging that one.  I love the movie too but sadly missed out on this release.  I do have the Film Arena Maniacs box on order.  The way the 3 premiums together make one single image blew me away when I first saw it so I'm glad I've got that to look forward to.  Also looking forward to seeing more pictures of your display cabinets as the MCU gets even bigger!  

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@Skid Mark Oh yeah, the Spidey lenit is beautiful. ? Great depth and colours. Sorry to hear that you missed out on it though. :( I didn't even go for the OC which I now regret as the full slip is phenomenal. But it seems like I found someone who's willing to part with it for a less insane amount as those you find on Ebay ... ? so hopefully I can add it to my collection soon. :) I also got E1 and E2 of the FACs on preorder. To be exact, I preordered E2 just a few days ago coz I thought I'd never get the Kimchi so, why not complete the picture with the FAC editions. ? Now it looks like I'm gonna have an overload. You gotta have to post pictures when you get that box though! It looks incredible! ♥ 

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@Sauerkraut It's always great to find someone willing to sell a 'must have' item for a great price.  Some Ebay prices are just crazy. I saw the BluFans Dr Strange One Click going for over $800.00 recently.  Insane!  Glad you bagged yourself some FAC editions too.  Film Arena definitely make some impressive editions.  Are you getting this Spidey too?  I'm a sucker for model or bust edition. And I'll definitely post pics when that Maniacs arrives, don't you worry. ?


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@Skid Mark Totally! I mean, I can understand that some editions are worth more than retail if they're real beauties and highly sought after but come on .. $800 for that Doctor Strange OC? That's lunatic. ^^

Spidey's gonan be my first FAC release so I hope they're good and impress me. I certainly look forward to the steel itself coz the metal plate they showed was gorgeous. ? Regarding figures, I try to concentrate on Hot Toys. ? I still have a lot of pvc scales but I'm slowly letting go of all of them in favour of HT and steelbooks. I love Iron Studios' 1/4 Spidey though. ♥ But I got no money and room to display him so I'll admire him from afar. ^^ I got the HT Spidey on preorder instead and I gotta admit, I'm thinking of getting the homemade suit version too ... although I shouldn't, really. xD I wish they made Vulture ... I'd preorder him in a heartbeat. ?

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@Sauerkraut Oooh your first FAC editions. Exciting. Their Logan release was gorgeous. I'm sure Homecoming will be equally as good. Love Hot Toys models. They're always so detailed. I don't collect them myself but I always enjoy seeing collectors mix movies and models. Makes the displays look like a memorabillia store, especially when the're in glass cabinets like yours. Very cool.

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