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Hello Everyone.


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HELLO AND WELCOME @rnesto :wow:

WE all started out new to collecting Steelbooks infact anything for that matter ?.

Anything you need just post where you think each and every Psychos here is a helpful one ???.

Also OUR Members Galleries are full of wounderous editions from every corner of the Steelbook world 648783af.gif.3c683d59d725388b8b51fa6489ac8299.gif.00fae2f2b6889395556a9ac8c616a7ec.gif59206e74baacf_tenor(3).gif.8d3573d57260078b63c9da254f8d667b.gif.

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:hello: @rnesto and welcome to the world of Media Psychos , you have arrived at the best place to grow your collection that's for sure , if there's any particular imminent releases you are after browse the release threads and see what takes your fancy , be aware premium steel books are extremely addictive as anybody on here will attest to , just make sure you read and fully understand the GB rules before adding to a GB , if there are any questions please feel free to ask , there's always somebody to lend a hand just use the @name  to get someones attention , ......can I ask where you are from and do you have any preferences towards your collection ..?...nice to have you on board ......happy collecting.....??

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@Pbsw23 Trying this again from a laptop. LOl.

Thank you.

Sure hope to catch up to all the great stuff offered here.

And to answer your question. It's a little bit of everything. Marvel, Action, Horror, Suspense and so on so forth. Especially the latest Marvel & Star Wars Titles that have been released with BluFans.

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@ukade2327, Thank you for the information.

  I have applied to two threads. One being 'Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2' & the other being 'Fantastic Beast & Where to Find Them'.

And to answer your question. I saw the group being mentioned on some of the people I follow on Instagram. 

Became attracted to the group because it makes it easier to request with ease on BluFans releases. 

Thank You for the opportunity to join. 

I'm a year in, but have bought from Manta Lab, KimchiDVD, HDZeta, NovaMedia, and now hopefully BluFans. I am currently residing in Raleigh, NC.

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