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Er kam nur nachts (OT: The Night Walker) (Der Fluch der Galerie des Grauens #4) (G1 Amaray) [Germany]


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Release date: 13.11.2020
Buy link: Wicked-Vision
Price: €29.99
Discs: Dual Format (BD+DVD)

Booklet: 24 pages







Remember how I always tell you guys that Anolis is a slow label? Well... nobody knows, why exactly, probably it's the lockdown, that has the Anolis guys locked up instead of partying every night, but here we go: Today, Anolis announced the fourth title in their "Fluch der Galerie des Grauens" series - "The Night Walker", or how we know it: "Er kam nur nachts" (He just came at night). It's a 1964 black and white movie by special effects icon of the time William Castle, staring Barbara Stanwyck, Hayden Rorke and Robert Taylor and classified as a thriller with horror elements. Also it is the second to last movie that William Castle directed. 

With part four of the series we've now got:


  1. It! Terror from Beyond Space
  2. Donovan's Brain
  3. The Angry Red Planet
  4. The Night Walker

Regarding the package, there won't be any surprises (as typical for these series releases), i.e. a standard black DVD keepcase (G1 size) with a flap for holding two discs, as the set comes with a BD and a DVD disc which will be identical in content. The artwork will be fitting to the previous releases as well, with the spine creating a spine-image if combined with all other releases in the proper order, and it will feature the German cinema release poster that is totally different to the international poster as wellas some of the other countries posters (that all are pretty similar to the international onces), and this set will also come once again with a booklet, that features an essay in German by Robert Zion on 24 pages.

We only get a few extras on the disc:


  • Audio commentary by Steve Haberman [English]
  • Audio commentary by Robert Zion [German?]
  • US and German trailers
  • German title sequence
  • US and German advertisement advice
  • Movie programs
  • Picture gallery


And for all you US/CA readers out there: There is a Shout Factory Region A release for both countries, they'll probably share the blu-ray master. The Shout Factory has just one extra listed, and that's the audio commentary by Steve Haberman.

As always, I'd like to close with a trailer of the movie - enjoy:


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I know I have to tag @Grendel and @Mad-martigan who are interested in this series, so here you go, please don't miss out, and be fast to order. Anolis reminded buyers that currently Amazon is really hard, because lately they list the titles very late, or they list them but you cannot preorder, and ask you to - if you can - choose one of the many other good online shops like: "Wicked Vision, OFDB, BMV, DTM etc.". In the commentary section a few people complain about Ofdb canceling orders just the day they ship because they let people "overorder", so maybe don't choose them. I don't know about the other shops and international shipping, so I just linked "Wicked Vision" who are - as always - the first to list them in the shop.

I am a bit disappointed about this title, as Koch is also doing a "William Castle" Collection, and I would have wished this to be released in that series, but well. Better to get it by one of them, then not getting it at all :D

Here is the William Castle collection, btw. Also really worth getting into, as they are really beautiful Digipacks with stunning artwork, a lot of extras, and a thick booklet. If you are interested in these, I can open up a new thread for them as well - 1 and 2 are already out, so I can provide some photos, three is open for pre orders.

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