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Weltraumschiff "MR-1" gibt keine Antwort (OT: The Angry Red Planet) (Der Fluch der Galerie des Grauens #3) (G1 Amaray) [Germany]


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Release date: 25.09.2020
Buy link: Wicked-Vision
Price: €28.99
Discs: Dual Format (BD+DVD)

Booklet: 24 pages





Out of the blue and totally unexpected, after (re-)announcing already 3 titles for next half year (Dracula - Prince of Darkness, Frankenstein Created Woman (still need to make a post for that) and The Revenge of Frankenstein) which had some people joking on Facebook), Anolis announced yet another title - and this time it's not only a planned release, but it's already pre-orderable: Number three of the "Der Fluch der Galerie des Grauens" will in fact be "The Angry Red Planet", which on the edition will be printed with the German title "Weltraumschiff MR-1 gibt keine Antwort" (which translates to "Spaceship MR-1 is not responding"), so now we have:


  1. It! Terror from Beyond Space
  2. Donovan's Brain
  3. The Angry Red Planet

Regarding the package, there won't be any surprises (as typical for these series releases), i.e. a standard black DVD keepcase (G1 size) with a flap for holding two discs, as the set comes with a BD and a DVD disc which will be identical in content. The artwork will be fitting to the previous releases as well, with the spine creating a spine-image if combined with all other releases in the proper order, and it will feature the German cinema release poster (which is rather similar to the international poster, but has some changes [the rocket in the background, and the three guys in the forground shooting the martian bat-rat-spider], and this set will also come once again with a booklet, that features an essay in German by Dr. Rolf Giesen on 24 pages.

We only get a few extras on the disc:


  • Audio commentary by Dr. Rolf Giesen [German]
  • US and German trailers
  • German title sequence
  • US and German advertisement advice
  • Movie programs
  • Picture gallery


And for all you US/CA readers out there: There is a Shout Factory Region A release for both countries, but I could not find any information on any extras with that release, so probably this release has much more to offer than the Shout Factory one, but of course, they'll probably share the blu-ray master.


Let's get to the movie, which was released under a number of different titles ("The Angry Red Planet", "Invasion of Mars", "Journey to Planet Four"; as well as in German "Weltraumschiff MR-1 gibt keine Antwort" and "Abenteuer auf dem Mars" [Adventures on Mars]) : It's a 1959 science fiction film in color (which most of the Galerie des Graunes films aren't) by danish-american director screenwriter and actor Ib Jørgen Melchior, who also did "The Time Travelers" (1964), "Robinson Crusoe on Mars" (1964) or the English language script for Mario Bava'2 "Planet of the Vampires" (1965). The budget was so low ($200.000 USD), and time constraints where so short (9 days of filming), that the film was using a new filming technique which they coined "CineMagic": The usage of drawings for all the sets as well as special effects. You can see this "effects" when looking at the trailer. As the effects are not really visually believing, this technique was only reused once more for the 1962 film "The Three Stooges in Orbit" by Edward Bernds. The film tells the story of "Mars Rocket 1", the first manned mission to Mars, which was supposed to be lost and destroyed in space, but unexpectedly returns to earth - however, instead of 4 people only two survived: Iris Ryan (Naura Hayden) and Tom O'Bannion (Gerald Mohr). In their debriefing they tell of the wonders they experienced on Mars.

As always, I'd like to close with a trailer of the movie - enjoy:



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And here is an explicit reminder for @Grendel and @Mad-martigan, who as far as I know are the only ones trying to collect all of these. If you know anyone else who is interested in these, or has started collecting them due to my posts, please mention them here - as usually this is highly limited and gone, once it's sold out. As usually, Wicked Vision is the first to respond with a shop listing, but other shops (like Pretz, JPC, etc.) will follow in the comming week, so if this is sold out at Wicked Vision, keep your eyes open for one of the other shops.

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Hello again @pygospa🙂


Thanks very much for the wonderful news my friend.

I was curious if we would see an announcement before the end of August.

Dang near on the nose, heh.


This is another excellent pick in my opinion.

The Angry Red Planet has a bit of a mini-cult following I'd suggest, of course all focused on the too cute for words "spider-bat-rat" !  🥰


I just checked and sure enough, Daniel has it posted at "Wicked".

I'll place an order this afternoon.  🙂


I received a mssg from him earlier last week and apparently the latest box is on the way! 🙂

It should have Pit & Pendulum, Sirene, Donavan's Brain, etc... in it.


I'll let you know if I order anything else while I'm ordering ARP, shortly.

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14 minutes ago, Grendel said:

One perhaps, all members of MP should order...😀


I did, I did :D Placed my order last week, for Biggles and Madhouse. As usually I am a bit annoyed by the fact that I now have to place a single order and pay extra shipping. But, you know... if that's the only thing you worry about, than you're living a pretty good life, I guess :D

Still haven't picked up that book, however. Probably, I won't, I guess. I don't see myself reading this, if I don't know the movies, and if I do get them, they'll probably have some extras (a booklet, featurettes, etc.). But yeah, those are my orders. I also received the package containing Beautiful People, The Pit and the Pendulum, Quatermass 2 and The Riff. But I hadn't had the time yet to photograph and present them (some health issues I am having :( ). I'll try my best, but focus on posting news if they are any as they are probably of more value for everyone interested.

Edited by pygospa
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Oh, dear, I do hope that any health issues afflicting you right now soon pass my friend @pygospa !

Please stay healthy, we need you here, to guide us through the morass of Media Books! 🥰


Nice to hear you received your latest order.

Not sure what the situation is currently with post to the USA.

@Veum, did you get any parcels from "Wicked" yet buddy?

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31 minutes ago, Grendel said:

Oh, dear, I do hope that any health issues afflicting you right now soon pass my friend @pygospa !

Please stay healthy, we need you here, to guide us through the morass of Media Books! 🥰


Thank you. I'll try my best. I probably would have to go back to hospital, but last two weeks it was so hot that it would have been impossible to bear (I ran around in nothing but my boxers at home :D ), and today it started up again, but it's my last day of vacation and tomorrow I'll be back working. Didn't want to shock my employer by being in hospital right after a month of vacation. "All good things come in threes" - if it (= stomach aches, and wormitting) happens one more time, I'll go back again. Fingers crossed that it won't happen!

36 minutes ago, Grendel said:

@Veum, did you get any parcels from "Wicked" yet buddy?

Apparently the situation prevails, but Wicked managed to send out parcels anyhow (not sure how, probably they payed extra, or something). @Veum had just one order/parcel and it arrived. I am pretty happy about it. Had a really bad feeling and somewhat felt a bit responsible as you wouldn't be ordering them if it wasn't for me.

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Okay, @pygospa, as long as you take care of yourself buddy, that's all that matters.

I do hope the job at work isn't too strenuous for you. 🙂


Actually, I was purchasing from Wicked before I started latching on to your posts, dear friend but I'll certainly extend all the credit to you for keeping us updated!

That's of course, very much appreciated.

I'm quite happy that our little box set eds are trickling in at a decent pace. With 3 titles done and 7 to go, we may have our set complete by end of next year.

The only one from the previous sets that I'm very sad to have missed, is "The Giant Claw". 😟

Not because it's a cinematic masterpiece but more because, that's the only Blu-ray for it ever released and that golden turkey deserves another!!!

A 50's sci-fi that is NOT in my collection! Unheard of!!!

I demand answers!!!

I suppose it's too much to hope they might re-issue it for this set but oh boy, if they do, I'll  buy TWO!  🥰

Edited by Grendel
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10 minutes ago, Grendel said:

I suppose it's too much to hope they might re-issue it for this set but oh boy, if they do, I'll  buy TWO!  🥰

Well, as it is in their "mission statement" to never re-release something, and they sticked to it for 22 years now (with the only exception being the upgrade to Blu-ray which is either accompanied by also a drastical package upgrade for those title they did re-release [i.e. the Hammer releases] or it was planed from the getgo and therefore the 'premium' version had space and coupons for the Blu-ray rereleases [all the Kaiju Classics Anolis released - original version is a Metalpack containing just the DVD, but they come with a coupon for the Blu-ray Amaray which - due to strange licensing reasons by the Toho studios weren't allowed to be released together]). So I guess unless they do a re-release on an even better medium (that in this case has to be 4K - I don't think there'll be any physical media after 4K), there is no chance. And having those movies released in 4K would probably make no sense anyways.

Also, as far as I know, these releases don't have that big of a market. That's the reason they don't release them in Mediabooks, as you have to have a minimum quantity for it to make sense financially, plus they cost much more in production, making the release even more expensive than it already is, and so in the end, it's the cheapest standard packaging (even though they get all the same care), so that it's still feasible to be released. I mean, how many people do you know that actually buy 50s Sci Fi movies? I don't know _any_ and I do have a lot of movie collecting friends. And given that German releases have a smaller market as it is (not many international customers are interested in German releases, and Germans wouldn't buy more internationally friendly releases [i.e. German booklet, or all extras in English] those German labels are already pretty limited in the quantity they can sell]).

I'd rather try to monitor all those secondary market places.

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Oh, indeed, I hear ya @pygospa, and... I do. 🙂

There's always hope that Shout! Factory, or Kino Lorber, hell even Studio Canal could release it also, so I keep hoping.

I had to laugh, "Severin" just released;


Horrors Of Spider Island: 1960




which is a mad camp romp with a bevy of hysterical almost clothed women, two guys too macho for this world and a mutated Spider-Man (who is assuredly not a 'crime fighter').

It's too silly for words and so of course I adore it and have it ordered.

Severin is also releasing Fulci's knock-off of "Carrie" titled;


Aenigma: 1987



Which is actually better than the premise makes it sound.

I haven't seen this since VHS days, so of course, ordered. 🙂


Edited by Grendel
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