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Get Out (4K UHD/2D Mediabook) (MediaMarkt & Saturn Exclusive) [Germany]


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Release Date: February 4, 2021
Price: 39,99€
Purchase Link: Cover A / Cover B / Cover C
Print Run: Each edition limited to 333 copies.


Again a pre-anouncement with not much information to go with, but 2 weeks ago we got a sneak peak into the artwork creation, and I think the picture looks stunning, plus I am definitely looking forward to that title. It's unknown when this will be released, and what the content will be - it's possible that this could be a UHD release, because many people where asking in the comments for it, and Birnenblatt's answer was: "We'll make a note of this". However, then a discussion started, because the digital intermediate master is only a 2K master, meaning Birnenblatt would have to make a new master - or blow the other one up. We'll see. Regarding the number of Covers on one early answer they said that they had one cover, then someone was having a lengthy discussion that they didn't like drawn covers and rather wanted the official poster, then Birnenblatt replied that they'll also have the regular poster.

As there is nothing else to tell, yet. That's it. Let's get to the movie, which tells the story of an interracial couple that for the first time is meeting the girls parents, who live far away in the country. And while he is a bit concerned that her parents might not like him because he is black, he soon has to realize that while the parents seem all right, it's the black people who surround them that are kind of strange. Plus his best friend back home finds out that a lot of black people go missing in the neighbourhood.

I think it's a great and thrilling horror movie with some unexpected turn of events, great actors, great setting, some rather spooky scenes, and all in all just a great movie to watch. If you don't know it yet, just give it a try!


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Some news, you guys:


Relese will be Feb. 4th, 2021, there will be three different cover artworks, all limited to 333 copies, each as a UHD and BD combo. Also, it will be Saturn and Media Markt exclusive. Information is already sent out to the shops and they'll list them in the next days (if I don't forget it, I'll link them here as soon as they are online). And these are the three cover artworks:




So guys, what do you think? Which cover is your favorite? And would you get it? Or are you not interested in this at all?

If I get it, I'll probably opt for Cover A, although I don't like the back artwork, that could have been done better, in my opinion.  Front is superb though. Cover B has the best back artwork, but I don't like the style too much (looks rather amateur like), plus I find it really strange to feature these two supporting characters that don't have any significant role on the front. And Cover C - if you know me, I find it boring to have the artwork that everybody knows already. This has been used so many times, and it's just not for me.

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Some additional information was shared by Birnenblatt:

  • Artwork for Cover A was done by Hans Woody; they also included another "behind the scenes" or "making of" picture, that I wanted to share with you:
  • Booklet text is written by Antje Wessels.


Second part of the information was really interesting for me, as I follow her reviews for a long while now. Besides her blog she is also active on Twitter and after having multiple guest aperences on Kino+ since 2018, she finally joined Kino+ as editor and fixed moderator besides Daniel Schröckert. And if you don't know Kino+: In my humble opinion it is by far the best German show on movies and series, and it is not even on German TV as the stations don't think that a weekly, two hour long talk format on movies is worth showing. So they are doing it on YouTube.

Antje Wessels ist seit Februar 2019 offiziell eine Bohne, da sie nun die Sendung Kino+ auch redaktionell unterstützt [1], nachdem sie seit August 2018[2] bereits mehrere Gastauftritte in dem Format hatte.

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Thank you @R1s1ngs0n for adding the links to the initial post. I hope everyone interested in this release has realized this adding of the links. I was unfortunately really busy and missed it myself (fortunately my girlfriend ordered one right away).

Unfortunately Cover A is already sold out. Cover B and C still available.

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Want to see something really stunning, that may make you question your Cover choice (if it wasn't cover B)?



Someone else already asked the question that instantly popped into my mind: Will this also be the case for cover A, where you also have tears? But no, it won't - just the cover B. In a way this makes sense, as cover A has drawn tears and cover B doesn't. Still, this effect looks quite great and I do really like it.

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News from Birnenblatt



Bei den Mediabooks zu „Get Out“ kann sich der Versand leicht verzögern (wir liefern etwas später an als geplant).

Die Covervarianten B und C sind bei


noch verfügbar. Zum Schutz werden die Units für beide Shops unserseits wieder umverpackt.



And for you English guys my translation:



There could be a slight delay regarding the "Get Out" Mediabooks (we are delivering a bit later than planned).


Covers B and C are still available at Media Markt and Saturn. To protect the units, we are currently repacking them for both shops.



Not sure what to make of it - to me it seems that they misstrust the shipping of MediaMarkt/Saturn? We'll see when it finally gets here. They also included a new picture of the Mediabooks. Enjoy:


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