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Chernobyl (4K UHD/2D Blu-ray Steelbook) [France]


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@Grendel yes, the show is over. It's an only six episodes show. And I guess this edition should have them all.


It's a great show. Totally surprising in its director, and that shows that he had hidden talents, because it has a lot of good things, but even narratively is very good. And it's not easy, because of what it counts, and how it counts.


In my opinion, that first episode, combining the slowness necessary to get closer to something so serious, the feelings of the people who participated, and at the same time offer and keep great intense interest, is one of the best-shot episodes I have seen in recent years. 


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On 9/11/2020 at 8:26 PM, Grendel said:

I quite like this actually.

As I mentioned in another thread, I have yet to see any episodes of this show.

Is it now finished?


YES unfortunately it has finished .  It's legacy is to have left a bench mark for others to TRY and reach in story telling




On 9/11/2020 at 8:26 PM, Grendel said:

Would this Steel contain the show in its' entirety?

Ta. 🙂


YES again it should do . I have the Amray and all episodes and features .


Incase anyone has not seen a trailer I'll leave this here , the show is a must watch on so many levels in my lowly opinion 



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To me the series ended in a way it was not needed to make a season 2, so it's alright like this. I like mini series, usually more than "biggy series" haha, 'cause they tend to focus on the story and not on extending all different aspects of characters, storyline and so on so they can earn as much money as possible with as little as possible ideas... 

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HOW the story is told is nothing short of a masterpiece .


Each episode is a tour de force of emotion and a masterclass in every aspect of media  .


From the cast , Music , editing , script writing cinematography , digital effects 


Everything and everyone IS AT THE TOP OF THERE GAME TELLING THE TRUE Story  of a disaster that could have ended OUR World .


At the time everything was brushed off as to not to worry nothing at all is going wrong ,


when in reality the whole of Europe could potently be starship troopers explosion GIF by Starship Troopers: Traitor of Mars


When you see the series the depth and skill the last episode displays will leave you astounded and you will do the exact same thing as me 


put disk 1 back in the tray and press play 

chernobyl gif Tumblr posts - Tumbral.com


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Thanks for all the great insight folks, much appreciated.

I've certainly been sold on the show and look forward to getting this new Steel.  😀


I recall when the event happened and like many, I was glued to the news channels for every update I could get.

Indeed, this was a historically tragic incident that will have repercussions for decades yet.

I'm glad that, from what little I've seen, they didn't try to over dramatize it and tried to keep it more in the semblance of a documentary.

Others could have certainly taken the show a more disappointing path.


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