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  1. Thank you !! I just can’t wait 🤣
  2. @Masterblaster @Scary Hairany idea on a release date fir blu fans ROS ? Need to complete the set 🤪
  3. @Masterblaster thank you for sorting that out 👍🏻
  4. @Masterblaster hi I just recieved an email from PayPal saying $100 payment had been taken by MP for platinum membership . I’ve already made the payment for my renewal. Could you look into this for me please ?
  5. Thursty

    The Boys

    So much good stuff to watch . And Disney + coming soon
  6. Thursty

    The Boys

    @nefilim Have you watched it yet ? I binged it in a day absolutely loved it . Joins Preacher as one of my favourite comic book tv series ! Roll on season 2 ! 🐬🐬🐬🐬
  7. Anybody fancy doing an MP fantasy football league ? It’s the on the official premier league app or website under fantasy. The pin to join is y9wopl
  8. @goose_3387 if you could do something with this that would be cool !! Although in English 😂
  9. @goose_3387 If you could do me a banner with a Star Wars theme (original trilogy ) that would be amazing !! It’s really cool work your doing 👌
  10. @Masterblaster hi I’m a platinum member when I renew can I renew as a gold member please ?
  11. Hi ! I’m a platinum member at the moment when it’s time to re join is it possible for me to become a gold member instead please ?

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