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  1. @extantsrevenge I love your filmarena collection I have nothing from filmarena I'm going to look into this thanks for your contribution!!!!!!
  2. @Robertm89 amazing love the picture some amazing sets. Pure legend!!!!
  3. No prob @StrikerEureka79 will be sure to check out your collection updates keep up the good work the endgame oc would be awesome!!! Have a gud one gudluck
  4. Hi @StrikerEureka79 Awesome collection so jealous of your star wars collection I can't get the link mate for my collection vid but it's MrSteelbook UK on YouTube I have a vid but I have alot more to add so I'm gonna have to start doing updates for my collection no bother I'll follow you keep up the great work have a good one
  5. Hi @StrikerEureka79 thanks yes it's my DC one click well it's actually my first one click ever. Do you have any one clicks yourself????
  6. First order from media psychos arrived today perfect condition so happy posting it everywhere!!!! Its also my first arrival of 2020 so off to a great start.
  7. Hi @Round Superman I'm new too love the name!!!
  8. Hey @larson1977 Congrats on your terminator collection I love the exoskeleton finger the most it's the one thing I haven't seen before absolutely awesome keep up the good work
  9. It would be good to have an award for your first purchase but then that might be too easy
  10. I added this to my intro but was probably meant to add it here I'll get the hang of it soon hopefully seems to be a great community!!!!! Hi everyone hello from Northern Ireland Im mad about steelbooks I have about 300 standard realese but need to get myself special sets to really bring my collection to life and I hear this is the one stop shop for that!!!! Excited to chat some collecters who believe psysical media (steelbooks especially) is the best way to go!!!!!! Check out my collection!!!!
  11. Thanks @extantsrevenge really need to find something to make it pop out just glad I found the right place

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