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Hello from Germany


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Hi Psychos!


My name's Johannes, I'm 29 years old. I live in southwestern Germany. I'm a research assistant at a university and am doing research on steelbooks ? the NATO in the 1980s.

I've always been fascinated by special packaging from around the world. My addiction started with PC game boxes from the United States, which were vastly superior to the local ones. Gradually I lost interest in games and started to buy movies on DVD. Thus I made first contact with (G1) steelbooks. Eventually I got a laptop with a Blu-Ray disc drive and dipped into the HD era. I can't recall which my first Blu-Ray movie was (I guess it either was Gran Torino or The Dark Knight), neither my first Blu-Ray steelbook.

Anyway, I was no serious collector intil I stumbled upon a German Blu-Ray forum. Before that I didn't know how big a market this premium steelbook business was. Mind you I was gobsmacked by the numerous options (lenti/full slip/quarter slip/one click ... you name it) and retailers available. I remember how big my fascination with Plain Archive's Zero Dark Thirty was, but how I told myself "never ever will I spend that kind of money on a single movie!". LOL. Ever since this discovery my collection grows larger while funds get lower and lower. Some two years later the collection's gotten quite big and I can call some sought-after rarities my own although I'm still looking for a couple of earlier titles (such as Filmarena's Ex Machina).

After some technical issues I was admitted to the previous Mediapsychos installation, but not a very active member. To keep the tradition up, I (again) needed assistance to take the final hurdle in order to get my account all set up (thanks again @Hatori). This new forum looks much better than the old place, congratulations - I'm looking forward to be here more often. Shout out @Masterblaster with whom I dealt with before.


I hope you guys like this short introduction. ;)


Best regards,



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Welcome to MP V2 @hibiscus fantastic intro well done , glad you could make it into the asylum , loads more space in here , you may even get lost , just be careful where you wander , there's a zombie in the basement and he might just catch you ....ha ha......dive in and enjoy.....??

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@hibiscus thanks for the introductory !

It sounds very nice and interesting , im sure you will be wanting to share some photos of your great collection ?

Anyway im sorry to say i dont know you right of the top of my head, if you could pass me your last name by PM i would love to know which from the 8 Johannes that i know or knew you are ....

Thanks again for your input and yes we hope to see you here more often as we plan on making this the most exciting place to be with alot of things to do !

Take care



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