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My small Collection!

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Hey guys,


Here is my small collection. I'm trying to get more and more Blu-Ray, also Steelbooks. I really like to decorate my room so that's why i've got many frame!


I also made Directors section for: Fincher, Tarantino, Nolan, Coens Brother. Thinking about doing one for Scorsese!


I've official movie poster on my couch: Green Book, Bohemian Rapsody, Glass, Phantom Thread, Welcome to Marwen and Red Sparrow.


I've also a book stand with The GodFather book from the official still photographer Steve Shapiro, same with Taxi Driver (in the back).


It's a small collection but yeah


Thank you guys!



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1 minute ago, Scary Hair said:

Hi @quentin


That is a much loved and well thought out collection ❤😊.


Size is unimportant to me it's the LOVE that counts .


Good things grow from a GREAT Root system and that my friend is what YOU have 👍🤩🤩😍😍


Simply put 





Ahah thanks! I've got some space for normal Blu-Ray but i'll run out of space soon! 


Thanks for your post!

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1 minute ago, extantsrevenge said:





that is a nice collection. I love how you display your stuff, very orderly 😍. Thanks for showing, nice butterfly knife 👍, hope you have a good time here on Media Psychos.

Yay thanks! I always try to find more items to associate on my steelbook or special edition like as you can see the piece of flour as cocaine and stuff like that!

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1 hour ago, Veum said:

Hey @quentin, you have a very nice set-up *jealous* as I do have many editions, unfortunately I do not have room for a proper display unit! 😢


I love the way you incorporated the taxi/Jeep in your display, brilliant! 🎬


You definitely will fit in to this great forum, have fun my friend!! 🗽

Thanks! And yeap I've bought the Jeep on Omaha Beach when D-Day was happening. I want the same collection than Mark but I need more spaceeeeee

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1 hour ago, ksosk said:

I see some props in your display, @quentin!

I love them too 😃


Yeap! I don't want to display my movies only, I want to display the WORLD behind it! I'm currently build one for Western edition, I'll need some props like a US dollar and maybe more thing but I don't know what... Any advice are welcome :)

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