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  1. Well I wanted to put another username than my name but its look a lot cleaner with my name! And for my username well, Luke Glanton (Ryan Gosling) from "Place Beyond the Pines" counting his $$$. I love this movie and I really enjoy this pic
  2. Already filled the form to get on a GB because Heat is one of my FAV movie. I asked for the price just to know because I'm new and I don't really know WCL
  3. Can someone get the price for this kind of edition? Thanks!
  4. Thanks! And yeap I've bought the Jeep on Omaha Beach when D-Day was happening. I want the same collection than Mark but I need more spaceeeeee
  5. Yay thanks! I always try to find more items to associate on my steelbook or special edition like as you can see the piece of flour as cocaine and stuff like that!
  6. Ahah thanks! I've got some space for normal Blu-Ray but i'll run out of space soon! Thanks for your post!
  7. Just spend an hour watching all of your photos and WOW. Please post more on it!!
  8. Hey guys, Here is my small collection. I'm trying to get more and more Blu-Ray, also Steelbooks. I really like to decorate my room so that's why i've got many frame! I also made Directors section for: Fincher, Tarantino, Nolan, Coens Brother. Thinking about doing one for Scorsese! I've official movie poster on my couch: Green Book, Bohemian Rapsody, Glass, Phantom Thread, Welcome to Marwen and Red Sparrow. I've also a book stand with The GodFather book from the official still photographer Steve Shapiro, same with Taxi Driver (in the back). It's a small collection but yeah Thank you guys!
  9. Hey Thanks! And i'm sooooo sorry for the delay, I just found my pass again :'( I'll be more active!

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