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  1. Thank you very much, birthday boy! 😝 I'm planning on a projector on the balcony. Bought her one for our main house and she loves it.
  2. It's already the 19th here in the Philippines, so just in time🎉🎊 HAPPY BIRTHDAY AGAIN MY FRIEND! 🤣🤣🤣
  3. Our 10th year anniversary is coming. Been really busy trying to finish my lil gift to my wife while I'm still in vacation and before I get too occupied again with work and watching movies (that includes collecting 4ks😂) We haven't been able to travel because of this pandemic and we badly need a get away ( I'm sure we all need a nice out of the country vacay after this.) I just want us to have a place where we can both decompress, relax and unwind. Our stress and anxieties can get through the roof at times. It's a great way to enjoy quality time with my wife, she deserves it ( so I can purchase
  4. @Veum You deserve this peach on your special day my friend! 🎉🎉🎉🍑🍑🍑
  5. It's officially vacation time my friends!
  6. It's Sexy saturday! It's wife time! It's definitely a happy weekend Hope everyone is having a good weekend too I'll be having a great Saturday night from this side of the world Laters my fellow Psychos
  7. Always my favourite day of the week!!! Stay hydrated fellow Psychos! She can be hot to handle🔥
  8. What a nice movie to watch to jump start vacation spirit!!! 🎞️🎥🎟️🍿
  9. Thought it was just my connection crapping (as usual)
  10. My favorite day of the week! Almost done with our 4 month project! Cant wait to start my vacay and binge watch again! How are you my fellow Psychos? What have you been watching? Let's all keep hydrated!
  11. Happy Birthday GIF by MOODMAN

    Happy Kaarawan! 😁

  12. My favorite day of the weeeeek!!! How's your week going my brothers? @Hollywood E Rock Stay hydrated my fellow Psychos!
  13. HI @Veum sorry bud, I just saw this notif. Been occupied this week. We already watched The equalizer. We usually watch action packed movies or a good comedic ones. We both love John Wick and Fast & Furious. I'll look into the ones you recommended and see which ones we can add to this weekend's movie date with ze wife. Appreciate you guys much.

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