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Hello From France !


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Hi !


I'm a french collector since 2013, I own quite a few steelbooks and especialy Premium Edition worldwide . Last Time I checked I had over 500 . 

I know a few people here :) here since we share daily on facebook or instagram or bluray.com  etc... 


My favourite company is Plain Archive, I'm a bit crazy about them, their line up is always unexpected, the detail and love these guys put on each release is outstanding #Plain4ever

Bit I love the others too, Blufans Kimchi, Nova, HDzeta, Mantalab,  FAC etc... Well.  don't we all ?

I love when a retailer offers a WEA, even if sometimes, depend on the movie, WWA steelbooks are enough, with a premium treatment like a beautifull fuulsplip and goodies. 

I'm exicted to  to join ( again) MP ! Hope to share the passion with you all ! 


Cheers ! ?


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il y a 1 minute, Rograt a dit :

:omg: Best Plain collection I've seen today!!! ;):D WTG @MysterDjo

Thanks @Rograt  ! ? 

I did say that I was a bit crazy with Plain , didn' I ? ?

And that's just the Exclusives ones... I own a few DvdPrime collection as well... ?

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Il y a 22 heures, Scary Hair a dit :

HI @MysterDjo


That is one 1f60d.png1f60d.png1f61a.png1f61a.png of Plain Archive . 


Absolutely a wounder to behold THANKS for the fantastic introduction 1f49e.png1f493.png 

Than you very much ! I 'm very glad to be part of MP ! Prepare yourselves to found a lot of Plain with me ! :D 

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Il y a 2 heures, Sheikah a dit :

Dang. That's a nice pic @MysterDjo:wow:

I've actually got my very first Plain archive release being shipped to me right now! I went with "The Master" with the lenticular full slip.


Can't wait to get it!

Nice choice, even if any PA is a great choice ?The master is their first lenticular fullslip , looks incredible in hand ! your first order of a long list I guess now you started ?


Il y a 2 heures, nefilim a dit :

Welcome to The Asylum @MysterDjo !!!

Another PA addict here ...

Hope you enjoy your stay - I'm sure you will.




PS ... we have PA club here

Thanks Nef ! I'm In now !! ?The coolest club ever ?

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il y a 10 minutes, Sheikah a dit :

You could say that again @MysterDjo! I've got like 6+ shipments heading my way right now alone haha. But yeah it was between The Master and Foxcatcher....Maybe I'll get that one later too.

You will ! ?




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