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Psycho Awards: Packaging Award List


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Here on Media Psychos members can get all kinds of different Awards for reaching different goals and sharing these with the community.

Since we started the Award program back in 2018 the selection of awards has become bigger and more diverse.

We thought it is about time to give our great Awards their own section and each Award category their own subsection.

This way we hope members are able to enjoy the Awards even more.


Below you will find a list for all our Packaging Awards that are currently available. You are especially excited about Full-Slips, Lenticular Editions or One Clicks, you love your Steelbooks or Mediabooks, then you have just found the right place to share your treasures with the rest of the community and collect our awesome awards for it.


New Award Stages or other package types will be introduced later, so be sure to check back from time to time. When you click on each award you will go directly to that award topic.


And don't forget to check out our other Award categories: Cinematic History Awards / MP Activity Awards / Retailer Collection Awards / Special Collection Awards


We hope many of you will participate in getting our terrific awards. Enjoy, have fun and don't forget to like all the nice posts with great collections from your fellow Psychos.




Full-Slip Edition Awards


Full Slip Collector Award.jpg 1st Stage: Full-Slip Edition Collector award (Members need 25 editions for this award).


1103664796_FullSlipTreasureHunter.png.394e0c036a51cb9044fd94d07d38c59a.png 2nd Stage: Full-Slip Edition Treasure Hunter award (Members need 50 editions for this award).


Lenticular Edition Awards


Lenticular Collector Award.jpg 1st Stage: Lenticular Edition Collector award (Members need 25 editions for this award).


997637158_LenticularTreasureHunter.png.1a502e164036564085e3370be7c9a5d3.png 2nd Stage: Lenticular Edition Treasure Hunter award (Members need 50 editions for this award).


Mediabook/Digibook Award


 Mediabook Award.png1st Stage: Mediabook/Digibook Collector award (Members need 10 editions for this award).


One Click Awards


1212563182_OneClickCollector.png.53746a006938427809eef67b0e978a3b.png 1st Stage: One Click Collector award (Members needs 10 OC releases for this award).


OneClick.png.5627c76f31364c87be94bf156e84afc5.png 2nd Stage: One Click Treasure Hunter award (Members needs 25 OC releases for this award).


Quarter-Slip Edition Award


MP Quarter Award 1.png 1st Stage:  Quarter-Slip Edition Collector award (Members need 10 editions for this award).


Steelbook Awards


 Steelbook Award.png1st Stage:  Steelbook Collector award (Members needs 50 regular Steelbook releases for this award).


SteelbookTreasureHunter.png.4003089eb16386cf4bd24dc01277c1f4.png 2nd Stage:  Steelbook Treasure Hunter award (Members needs 100 regular Steelbook releases for this award).


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