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Media Psychos Full-Slip Edition Award


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Welcome Media Psychos Members!


Time for another award (sorry it took so long).  We're happy to introduce to you our second Packaging Award ☺️, it is the Full-Slip Edition Collector Award.


Like the retailer awards this one will also have multiple stages. Each stage will be harder to get and we will introduce the other stages at a later point.


1st Stage: Full-Slip Edition Collector (Members need 25 Editions to get this)

2nd Stage: Full-Slip Edition Treasure Hunter (Members need 50 Editions to get this) (see the reveal here)

3rd Stage: Full-Slip Edition .... (will be revealed later as well 1f602.png)


To get the Full-Slip Edition Collector and/or Treasure Hunter award and follow up awards or other packaging awards you are required to have a specific amount of releases with that packaging and you have to show us a nice picture of that, really simple. The picture has to include your Media Psychos member card or other Media Psychos stuff, it can be a simple piece of paper on which you write your member name @ mediapsychos.com (for example). It really doesn't take that much time to add something like that and makes the pictures even more exciting for the community.


Update: Pictures for both the Full-Slip Edition Collector & Treasure Hunter Award have to show us the Frontside of the Full-Slips! No Spine pictures are allowed!


For the Full-Slip Edition Collector award, you need 25 individual Full-Slip editions.

For the Full-Slip Edition Treasure Hunter award, you need 50 individual Full-Slip editions.


This award is not limited to Premium releases, regular releases, or releases that don't have a Steelbook inside are also eligible. A Full-Slip is a Slip that is open only on one side where you can slide out the item. We have to be able to see the Full-Slip, so a sealed OC Set does NOT count.  Lenticular Full-Slip Editions do NOT count, for those we have the Lenticular award here. Not allowed are editions with custom Full-Slips.


The award design is done by @ksosk 1f44d.png the design for stage 2 is done by @Cornbuster




Special thanks to @raylight for all the award gifs he made for this and other awards 🙏


A list of all awards can be found in our Award Central. It will continue to grow with many fun awards for you to get.


We hope many of you participate. And don't forget to show your appreciation for all the great pictures posted here and give them some likes 1f60a.png


If you would like your pictures featured on Media Psychos Social Media Presence, check out this post.

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Thanks for participating in the Full-Slip Edition Collector Award and for sharing all these spectacular editions with us.


alita battle angel high quality GIF


Congratulations @extantsrevenge @CAYENNE-FAHRER @BobaFett1974 @cypheria078 @Digitale_Kunst @Pbsw23 @deckard99 @DodgyDave @Robertm89 @ukade2327 @serg50 @Cornbuster @GANTZ @Benoit46 @Ripper @Darkinoux @lingrass @jupiter7 @TheDavoser @ethnosax @Scary Hair @Wail @stephoo67 @icewire @RileyLad @musoeriuta @SteelWild @Rdator @zones1445 @capricornio34232 @pygospa @raylight @khivansan @Gubbel @Intentcoin @rtphoenix @hal56 @R1s1ngs0n @Veum @Toapel @guri008  @SilentasKnight @claptraw @RAK @ajames212 @Carl @ScottVA @Dr. Demonic @Tonic24k @HunterRose @Mutantsmiley @SINAN84 @JiumJium @Fortis93 @ShadowWarrior @Wtd @Chunkychimp @GuyIncognit0 @Gladiator_MV @Catgirl @notdan @Rockntoni87 @empi77 @CryoSteel @zerohaven @Jakeb1022 @Shaliber @Sephiroth @javi @Christopher @pluto57 @Reagh @Boilersteel @BlackWidow81 @swish @Casiusco @Blu Magic Ray @hawkfan13 @Freeformfreakout @kwyjibo7 @Mrdugan @bossjon @Gary K @MikeH5856 you all have shown how much you appreciate beautiful Full-Slips and have received the Full-Slip Edition Collector Award ☺️


Special congratulations to our Full-Slip Treasure Hunters @extantsrevenge @hal56 @CAYENNE-FAHRER @raylight @Cornbuster @serg50 @Veum @ajames212 @GuyIncognit0 @zerohaven @Intentcoin @Pbsw23 @Catgirl @Chunkychimp @Wtd @Jakeb1022 @Shaliber @DodgyDave @empi77 @Toapel @Ripper @Rockntoni87 @cypheria078 @ukade2327 @javi @BobaFett1974 @HunterRose @SilentasKnight @SteelWild @TheDavoser @guri008 @ShadowWarrior @pluto57 @Wail @Fortis93 @Casiusco @Reagh @kwyjibo7 @Mrdugan @Boilersteel @Gary K your continuing dedication and love for Full-Slips is most impressive.


fire thumbs up GIF


Don't forget to like the posts of the other award recipients 1f44d.png


If you would like your pictures featured on Media Psychos Social Media Presence, check out this post. 

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Here is my submission for the Full-Slip Edition Collector Award 😍. I took my pictures some time ago as I actually planned to introduce this award shortly after the Lenticular award, but I never really had the time 😥. Because of that non of the recent highlights are included in the picture, like Black Barons Alita, or WeET Alita and Spider-Man Far From Home. I tried to include a wide range of retailers and editions, not all are Premium releases. I hope members will do the same, so that we can discover many different editions.


So here is a small selection from my Full-Slips ☺️


Media Psychos Full-Slip Award - extantsrevenge


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marvel GIF

Yeah, awesome @Pbsw23 I hope you are happy that we finally introduced the FS Award 😊. You're the first member from the UK that can call himself Media Psychos Full-Slip Collector.


White Teeth Smile GIF by Beano Studios


harrison ford eating GIF

Nice one @deckard99 great diverse selection, you're now the first USA and also first member from outside Europe to receive our terrific Full-Slip Award.


happy for you congratulations GIF


Our fun ranking for this award is now at

Germany 4 Points

France 2 Points

UK & USA 1 Points


I think this list will be a good indicator for the next Soccer Worldcub.

john c. mcginley laughing GIF

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35 minutes ago, Robertm89 said:

Here we are @extantsrevenge it was more difficult to put them out then what I thought it would be. But here's hoping for a point for Team UK lol. IMG_20200106_222540.thumb.jpg.16d3c1a7d279a2b617359c577fbf3024.jpg


Niiiiiiccee Mate!! Impressed that you have a Birdman Fullslip, Jealous you have that Chappie Fullslip 😂🙌🏼



Edited by Pbsw23
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