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Der weiße Hai 1-4 (OT: Jaws 1-4) (DVD/BD-Mediabook) [Germany]


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Release: 18.06.2020

Link (amazon.de): Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4

Price: 27,99€

Limited: 2222 copies for Part 1, 666 copies for 3-4 (supposedly)


Normally I would just have one post per Mediabook, but in this case I think it's okay to have all four in one: Because of the 45th Anniversary of part 1, in Germany Universal Pictures decided to release Jaws in a 1.500 copies limited Steelbook (with 4K UHD and BD), but also part 1-4 in a Mediabook. Unfortunately the Mediabooks all only contain BD and DVD, so for 4K UHD you still need to get the Steelbook or Amaray additionally or instead of part 1. Parts 2-4 are not released in 4K anywhere, so here you might still be interested in the Mediabooks. There are contradicting information about limitation of the books. There is no official statement by Universal and also no information on the edition itself, but a couple of German websites (i.e. collectors-junkies.com) listed the 2.222 copies, later a couple of more websites listed, that only part 1 will have these supposedly 2.222 copies, and parts 2-3 would only have 666 copies. This is important if you might be interested in these releases: Stocks on part 2 is getting low, small shops don't list them anymore, and even Mediamarkt and Saturn are sold out on these; even Amazon doesn't have them directly anymore, but via a third party that is selling through Amazon. So if you are interested at all, at least for part 2 you should best buy it now. All the releases are uncut, and come with at least DTS-HD MA 2.0 sound, for German readers, the first part has both the old and the new dubbing ("Synchro"), and also comes in Dolby Atmos for English (and Dolby Atmos for the new German dubbing). There is a lot of Bonuses included with the first two releases:


Part 1:

  • 2h documentation on the production
  • one "feature length" (how long that might be) documentation on how the movie influenced other movies.
  • featurette on the restoration of Jaws
  • Behind the scenes
  • Deleted scenes and outtakes
  • storyboards, production photos marketing material, etc.

Part 2:

  • Making of Jaws 2 (BD)
  • Keith Gordon on Jaws 2 (BD)
  • featurette on John Williams music for Jaws 2 (BD)
  • Deleted scenes and outtakes (DVD)
  • Production photos (DVD)
  • Shark games: out of the water! (DVD)
  • World of Sharks (DVD)
  • Storyboard

Part 3 lists only the 3D version and trailer as extras, part 4 only an alternative ending and the trailer.


What was unclear but is now known, is how the quality of these releases will be like, and as in the past major labels released really horrible Mediabook releases in Germany that asked prices of premium Mediabooks (30€) but delivered flimsy quality of products you'd expect to get when you pay 12€, and that you'd rather call Digibook. Now there has been a YouTube unboxing yesterday (by @stonedm190 - unfortunately in German, but for this the imagery is more important anyways, so sit down and enjoy ;)), and since that moment we know that these are actually of really high quality:



  • Title image looks stunning
  • Partial gloss for the titles
  • sewn binding
  • 28 pages of text on both parts (3 & 4)
  • Text-free backside


All in all it is still quite an expensive pick: They are all repacks of old disks, part 1 is getting a 4K UHD re-release that is not included, 2-4 are not remastered or anything, and extras are basically non-existant on 3 and 4. If you own these already, there is no added value besides the premium package, if you don't own them, it's the question whether or not this is worth 120€ to you, when you could also get the Amarays of all 4 films for 35€. However, there is a reason why we are called psychos, and seeing first pictures on social media as well as the above unboxing, there is no doubt that these Mediabooks are of the best possible quality, build wise and also design wise.



And, as usual, I will also say something about the movie in case you haven't seen it! Unthinkable, I know, but to be quite honest, I've also only seen this movie a couple of years ago for the first time, even though I was born in the 80s. So, you'll never know:

In 1974 author Peter Benchley wrote a book called Jaws, based on real events that took place in 1916 at the Jersey Shore, and landed a bestseller, that also got the attention of Steven Spielberg. In 1975, Spielberg turned this book into a movie and to this date, that film is seen by movie historians as the start of the blockbuster cinema. It is telling the thrilling story of a white shark that starts hunting people on the beach of Amity. Scientists are alarmed, but the politicians downplay the thread and don't want to cause a panic or close the beach, especially as this happens a few days before the American independence day at July 4th. Till today, lots of people see this movie as one of the best, if not the best of all thrillers in the entire history of Hollywood. Jaws also revived the beast horror genre (actually I don't even know if there is an official english term for what we in Germany call "Tierhorror" for movies such as Hound of Baskerville, Tarantula, Piranhas, Cujo, Crawl, etc., where the horror villain is an animal). And, of course, it spawned three official sequels (and many many unofficial ones). Jaws 2 was done be Jeannot Szwarc, and is still regarded a good sequel, Jaws 3-D by Joe Alves was already considered really bad, and even got 5 nominations for the Golden Raspberry (worst directing, worst movie, worst supporting actor, worst screenplay, and worst newcommer [for the dolphins]). Originally Jaws 3-D was considered to be a parody, but because the producers still saw potential in the franchise they voted against it. And part 4 seems to be one of the worst movies made, gaining 0% positive reviews on Rotten Tomatoes, and 7 Golden Raspberry nominations, winning the one for the worst practical effects.







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I actually wanted to wait until they drop in prices, and also wait for reviews and unboxings. I was sure this would be rather poor quality and expected them to drop in prices, given that 2-4 are not that famous with the audience anyways, but now seeing pictures and videos, plus given the fact that 2 is already low in stock, I ordered all four of them 😳 😭 🤑

I will now go and eat some delicious rock soup with some soil garnish and maybe a stick for dessert, because there's no money left for food this month 🤪

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  • 4 weeks later...

Friends, here we go. Unfortunately I had to wait really long for these - I got them weeks ago, but one of the mediabooks was heavily damaged, and given that you pay 30€ for these, I asked for an exchange. Amazon - easy thing. However, the replacement package delivery was problematic: person delivering it, rang my bell, I opened the door, person did not enter but went straigt away, then I got "delivered to mailbox" on the Amazon App. I went down, nothing there. I ran out to the street, but couldn't find the person anymore. Phoned Amazon, and they where all like "yeah we know your delivery was problematic, that's why we send you a replacement" - "yeah, but I am talking about that replacement, not the original order" - "so there is a problem with the replacement order as well?". 😑

They then did an inquiry asking their delivery staff, a week later no new info, so I phoned again, they inquired about their inquiry, and then send another copy, but that one got delayed by the post. I was ready to give it all up. But finally it arrived. So here we go, pictures for all four editions. A small additional information on these - the way they are produced already hints at a production by Nameless Media. However, contrary to - for instance - Sleepy Hollow this is not credited anywhere on the release. Still, a person who I know has insider knowledge and where I trust that he wouldn't just claim something that isn't true, claims this to be a release done by the Namless Media company.

Here are some pictures for the first of the four (as well as a group picture). All these mediabooks come with a C-Card with the blu-ray banner and FSK seal printed on it and the synapses, content, technical specs and cast & crew credits on the back, allowing for a really clean artwork on front and back with no additional texts or logos except for the title (which has a gloss varnish applied). Print is really sharp and looks stunning. Opening them up at first glance it looks a bit repetitive, as the front cover artwork is also the disk artwork, and the first page of the booklet (for all four editions). But this first impression is elusive. We get thick glossy paper with sharp color and black and white prints, that don't only show movie screenshots, but also include behind the scenes imagery, and for the mediabook of Jaws also other archival imagery, e.g. a photo showing Verna Fields at the 48th Academy awards with the Oscar for best editing in her hands, a newspaper advert or the really long queue in front of the theatres that where showing Jaws, excerpts from the screenplay, etc. All in all the first movie comes with 40 pages, a lot of reading material, and the mediabook feels really heavy and thick. Great release that is definitely worth it's money even though the 4K UHD is missing.
























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Wow!  🤯

Thanks for all the trouble and effort you had to overcome in order to get these pic posted for us @pygospa 🤩


The eds are all truly gorgeous!

I'd go so far as to say the producers of the MBs for Jaws 3 & 4 put more time and effort into their craft than the producers of the films!

Just watched the trailer for Jaws 2 again ( thanks 🙂).

Looks better than I seem to remember, heh. May need to spin it up again soon.

For 3, I gotta be really drunk...(not advised for viewing 3D)

For 4, I gotta been in this position;


Ernie Boch - Is It Horror Or Is It Disturbing? I'm a big... | Facebook

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Shoot, forgot one picture for the last post: This one still belongs to the first Jaws:



Now for Jaws 2: Basically it's the same as Jaws, but only 28 pages, and far less behind the scenes pictures, and nothing else except movie screenshots. Also, the booklet has a few passages that are copied from the first booklet (regarding the actors), which is a bit sad, but it's still a pretty good release, text is interesting, and covers some things according to the headlines - different to Jaws I haven't read the booklet for Jaws 2, yet, because I haven't seen the film yet. But given the fact that this edition sold out the fastest, Jwas 2 must be much better than you would expect, I guess?




















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As for Jaws 2, Jaws 3-D comes with hardly any behind the scenes footage, mostly just movie screenshots, that somehow look a little off, as if someone used to much sharp filters on the pictures - I guess this will come from the blu-ray source, as these movies will probably not have gotten any remastering treatments that Jaws most definately has gotten (and maybe also Jaws 2). I love that this edition does include a 3-D-Version of the film, and it's not anaglyph 3D but works with your modern 3D setup. It has again, lot of interesting background on the movie (judging by just the titles), and for me a surprise: This movie was actualy Lea Thompsons debut film? We all loved her as Lorraine Baines-McFly, didn't we? So I am really excited seeing her again, as I haven't seen much else with her (come to think of it, I only remember her as the mother of Dennis the Menace). I've heard this is a bad one, and I've seen that @Grendel just confirmed it once more. Still, I haven't seen these, I love Jaws, and somehow these belong together, so I am happy for watching these :) And even if the movies are bad, at least with Jaws 3-D, owning Lea Thompsons first performance somehow makes up for it, I guess :D






















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By all accounts, Jaws: The Revenge is a horrible movie. Yet I couldn't leave this one out; probably should have, as it could be well possible that this edition (together with Jaws 3-D) might still drop in price. I was hoping to get them all at a cheaper price, but when Jaws 2 was near to sell out I panicked and got them all 🤪

Edition-wise everyhting I said for Jaws 3-D also applies to this edition, so just sit back and enjoy the pictures:





















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Thanks so very much once more @pygospa for your strong efforts presenting these wonderful pics to us! 🤩


I can most assuredly relate to the idea of purchasing very poor movies, simply because they are part of "The Series" of films we grew to love on 1st outing.

- Predator

- Alien

- Terminator

Could anyone say the last films in any of these series were of merit? Some perhaps, few I'd wager.

Did I and others purchase Premium releases of them when offered?

In a heart-beat! 🙂


It's the collector mentality of course. It brings out a little OCD in many of us, heh.

But should someone say, "have you seen any of the Jaws sequels?"

You can always say;

"Yeah, I own Collector Editions of all of them 🙂"


Um, okay bad example, don't say that in public...




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