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  1. Salut à tous, bon dimanche... devant des films 😉
  2. salut tout le monde, bonne journée sous la pluie cette fois ci
  3. Salut le troquet, bonne journée, pensez à vous hydrater
  4. salut tout le monde, bonne journée à tous
  5. I can understand how some of us feel here, but we must not forget that you had to do something when you learnt that you were about to get only a few copies. And no matter what you do, you couldn't satisfy everybody (I saw that some platinum members won't get one). I was on Inception GB list but I knew that this situation would happen some day ( @Benoit46 maybe you remember my question about this), everybody should prepare for this as there are more people interested in these premium editions everyday. But I just want to tell you that I don't blame you but Filmarena that changed the rules without warning. I'm still happy to be able to get some great editions I would have never been able to buy without you, thanks to you guys. OK people are disappointed, but let's enjoy what we have
  6. oui ai loupé le GB, quel c******* l'ai vu au ciné, et pour le coup c'est une expérience et ça doit être différent chez soi perso j'ai bien aimé mais c'est clairement pas fait pour plaire au plus grand nombre
  7. the lighthouse est superbe 👍🏻👍🏻
  8. bonjour la France (et la Belgique) @Benoit46
  9. hello hello ça ressemble quand même beaucoup à l'édition HDZeta non? bonne (fin) de soirée à tous
  10. Hello Hello ça vient de repartir ici les notifications

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