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  1. I'm definitely camp OPEN... My thought is that I don't plan on ever selling my collection and I purchase premiums on only movies I enjoyed and want to watch again.
  2. Release Date: November 11th,2019 Price: £80 ( price varies depending where you're shipping to website says £80 but can out to £69.97 for me shipping to U.S.) Purchase Link: Amazon.uk Note: 4K Ultra HD + Blu-ray Exclusive Artwork on Rigid Box with a Laminate and Silver Wrap finish Individually Numbered on a Holographic Sticker Total of 6 discs : 3 x 4K UHD and 3 x Blu-ray - the complete three film collection Blood Oath Marker 70005 mm diameter x 1.7 mm deep approximately Plastic Hotel Lobby Card from The Continental 10 x Art Cards
  3. Just saw this on my FB timeline that someone created themselves... Stuff like this would be awesome.
  4. Being able to get something even more exclusive is always a plus for me just like the lion King edition that's being worked on. I think this would be a great idea and I'm sure a lot of people would jump on the GB that comes with an MP exclusivity.
  5. My very first MP package has arrived with the Alita WEET and I am blown away. Not the best game of the series but the steelbook is by far my favorite from the series
  6. i have a open copy if you want to buy
  7. I was in Darmstadt and the butcher there couldn't believe we would pay him to take these of his hands
  8. Quick question for all my german friends Are ribs considered garbage meat in germany? Having an argument with some buddies and while i was in germany in 2007 a butcher told me ribs were considered just garbage and had to pay someone to have it disposed of.
  9. @Basil @Veum @Pbsw23 @Hollywood E Rock @Scary Hair

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