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  1. Thank you everyone! This was perfect. I appreciate all of the feedback. I think moving forward I'm just going to assume the $300 price point for each one click release. That way I can budget appropriately. Again, thank you for the awesome feedback! Jay
  2. Hey folks, Jay here. I'm relatively new to Media Psychos. I'm already set up for my first three special editions. I can't believe the items that come through this website. I've seen a few of these editions in the past but just figured it would be impossible for me to pick them up. Really excited to get my first items in the future. I do have one, very newbie-ish, question. It is not a question related to how Media Psychos works but more about the types of content available in group buys. So far the three items I'm committed to are pretty self explanatory (a John Wick steelbook and both Blade Runner box sets). There are certain items though that have multiple editions. There is a new Deadpool 2 edition available that I'm interested in but I'm confused about one thing. What is a 'One Click' edition compared to the other options? My guess is the One Click edition contains all editions of the title that are available? For Deadpool 2 there appear to be 3 versions of the steelbook release. Would the One Click box set contain all 3 versions of this release? Is there any way to ballpark how much such a release can go for? Nothing specific, just a ballpark figure outside the basic shipping/handling/new member fee. It would better prepare me for upcoming releases. If the prices very to greatly it's not important. Was just curious. Thanks everybody, Very happy to be here Jay
  3. Thank you! I'm already set up for my first Group Buy! Very happy to be apart of the gang!
  4. Greetings folks, I hear there may be some steelbook fans roaming around this place? Good to be here.

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