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  1. Hi @Steelbook Indy Currently, the borders of Iran's neighboring countries are closed and we are waiting for them to announce, but I followed it and it will most likely open soon. I will definitely let you know. I'm currently working on a new package.
  2. Don't hurry, my friend, let the borders open and I will send the previous works, then the GB will be done.
  3. @extantsrevenge thanks, I hope you like the package I made.
  4. @CAYENNE-FAHRER me too, I may travel to Germany later and see you up close. 🤩
  5. @CAYENNE-FAHRER Thank you, I hope you and your family are safe. You are always kind to me.
  6. @BobaFett1974 Thanks for the package information, I will definitely follow up
  7. @Grendel Seeing love in art requires a lover,This does not apply to everyone. Thank you for seeing with your love and kindness 🥰
  8. Hi Friends I designed and built this package because I am very interested in this film and I was really bored. I hope you like it 🥰 In the next 2 to 3 weeks, the borders will be opened and I will send your packages. This package includes: 1- The main package is made of wood, and has a magnetic door (2 doors) and metal corners. 2- special package for disc. 3- ArtBook 4- poster size 39x50 cm Luxury Bluray
  9. Hi dear friend Currently, the borders are closed due to the Corona virus, and when the borders open, we will start ordering again. Luxury Bluray
  10. Thanks @Veum Please let other friends know. 🥰
  11. Hello to all friends Today, I was able to collect half of the packages (Game of Thrones) from a warehouse and send a photo of them to clear up any misunderstandings that may have arisen. I will receive Indiana Jones packages from another warehouse until Saturday, Sunday and send them photos. I hope the misunderstanding about me disappears. I apologize to all my friends, the borders of Iran are closed and the warehouses are closed and they are not allowed to open, so the delivery of the goods took a long time. I will send you packages whenever the borders of Iran are opened. I hope you are all healthy and forgive me. 🥺 Luxury Bluray

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