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  1. @Shaun Stocks Hello friends Since making the boxes is very time consuming and for the first time I had a lot of ordering and not enough experience, it took a long time and I apologize. At the same time I am alone because not everyone is careful. All orders will be shipped soon in the new week. Hopefully next time I'll be able to make up for it faster. Thanks for all friends Luxury Bluray
  2. i'm sorry i typed incorrectly 🙁 Got and indiana jones.
  3. Hi @quentin I haven't started the Joker Boxes yet and haven't received any money since Gat and Indian Jaws have to be shipped and Joker orders start.
  4. @mwatkins02 I have sent your payment receipt. please check it.
  5. @Veum Hi The weight of the boxes increases because of the wood, and I listed them in the weight factor. The weight of Goth and Indiana Jones is 4 kg and I send it from Armenia which is very far away.
  6. @mwatkins02 Hi, You paid $ 36 for shipping, I will send it to you.
  7. @extantsrevenge I'm tell @ksosk her to do it.
  8. @Veum Thank you, making these packages completely handmade is time consuming and thank you for your patience. Hope you enjoy seeing these packages up close and your patience will work well.
  9. @Veum Yes, the shipping invoices will be sent to the next two days and the boxes will be shipped the following week.
  10. @CAYENNE-FAHRER It's just getting started 🤩😋
  11. Hi @Shaun Stocks I'll start posting the boxes next weekend.

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