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Hi Guys :)


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Hi all, I'm JaPeD (Jon) and i'm from the UK.


I've been collecting Steelbooks for a few months now, currently have a couple of hundred so probably safe to say that I've caught the collecting bug.

Couldn't tell you why but I love lenticular Steelbooks :)  I've pretty much got all of the standard Steels although still need Zavvi, The Warriors (and no doubt other shiny books that I see on ebay!). I've only recently discovered Nova, Kimchi etc. so only have a few in my collection, Kill Bill, John Wick, It Follows, all lenticular.


I've come to the conclusion that I now want to concentrate on key releases from Zavvi or Nova, Kimchi etc. Shipping prices are a major blocker for me so group buys are the way forward :) Looking forward to joining in the fun with like minded maniacs :)


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Well met Jon!

Thanks for posting an introduction! A couple hundred steelbooks after only a few months? Good god man! I've been collecting for a couple years now and I don't think I have over hundred yet myself haha! Though I collect vinyl and other things as well so I gotta allocate money for those things too. 


If there's any particular steelbooks/releases that you're looking for, check out THIS section of the forum. Just create a post with what you're looking for and maybe a fellow MP user might have an extra copy you can snag! ?


If you're up for it as well, there's THIS section of the forum in which you can post pics of your collection! Everyone loves to admire other people's collection so it's a guaranteed hit lol! 


See ya around!

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Hey @JaPeD


I am personally a collector of packagings! I feel that a release must showcase the love and passion of the retailers into the project, that is why you will see MP not only focused on steelbooks but premium amaray/scanavo editions as well =)


Let's continue our collecting journey together from hereon!



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