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My RobZone Collection.

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Hello everyone. I started collecting films in 2005. At that time it was DVDs. There were over 300 items collected. When I bought a newer player, I switched to blu ray. In the meantime, I discovered the steelbook packaging. My collecting took on new colors. I came across collector's editions by accident when I bought the Blufans edition of Guardians of the Galaxy from a friend. Then I'll be hooked for good. Currently, I'm focusing more on collector's editions and I'm constantly expanding it in small steps. Currently, my collection includes about 260 blu rays, 120 Ultra HD releases and 121 releases from Blufans, Manta Lab, HdZeta, Weet Collection, Kimchidvd, Novamedia, Filmarena. Photos are from before the update because some items have been added. I also uploaded a short video when I unpacked everything from the boxes.IMG_1802.thumb.jpeg.74d2b0554727137446a3575efdbe4c8d.jpegIMG_1801.thumb.jpeg.b951347e66519d5ad855b2dc172ce3b1.jpegIMG_1797.thumb.jpeg.f25f0bd5807df7001a0c8a1c968ffefa.jpeg




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🥤🤠 howdy @RobZone,


You have a very nice collection and set-up my friend, congrats❣️🥳 🎉 👏 


I’m so glad you found us here at MP, a warm Welcome my friend!😊🤠😇🙏


I hope your stay here will be a fun and enjoyable one for you!! 😉


 I’m a collector too that started out w/Best Buy/Target exclusives that really got me into the Premium editions (I started way back though  & gradually upgraded from VHS to DVD to BD to 4K oh my 🤣). then I was fortunate to find out about this terrific forum MP from another forum I followed & MP took over my #1 place since March ‘19 hey 👋 


collector GIF


Here are some nice threads, have a look around here:






Also when you get your goodies, if you want to, post them here: 



I’m who is referred to as the “consigliere” on MP and the Ol’ American guy 😆 (Ol’ Mike is me) because I do enjoy communicating with all the peeps!😊


al pacino GIF  old statler and waldorf GIF


Hold fast to your wallet as your money will be spent quite a lot lol!😜


No Money Confused Travolta GIF


If you ever need any help just tag a Head Psycho, Staff or one of the Guardians like this @Veum (make sure you use the symbol @ plus the members name you want and make sure you use the @ w/the blue look as it gets our attention!). 😁 🙋🏻‍♂️ 

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