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Favorite aisan movie


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Hey there, I haven't seen that many myself but I have some solid recommendations (all Korean movies btw):


Some of the above may be hard to watch for sensitive viewers so beware :) 


Also interested to see what our fellow community members recommend. I feel like Asian cinema kind of breaks away from Hollywood formulas and give us some fresh stuff to explore.

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In no particular order.


1.the chaser 2008 korean.

2.ugetsu 1953 japanese.

3.a touch of zen 1971 Chinese.

4.drug war 2012 chinese.

5.bullet in the head 1990 chinese.

6.ran 1985 japanese

7.the boxer from shantung 1972 chinese.


8.tokyo sonata 2008 japanese

9.the raid 1 and 2 Indonesian.

10.memories of murder 2003 korean.


Watch these and come back I'll give you ten more lol.


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It’s a testament to my poor knowledge of Asian cinema that, with the exception of one film, all movies featured on my list have been released in this century and don’t include any work by the likes of Kurosawa, Wong Kar-wai and many more, simply because I’ve never seen any of their films.

Embarrassed Tom And Jerry GIF


1. Memories Of Murder

2. Oldboy

3. Parasite

4. Kung Fu Hustle

5. Infernal Affairs

6. Farewell My Concubine

7. The Raid

8. Train To Busan

9. The Handmaiden


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Hello everyone,


@R1s1ngs0n @Ryan @ThereIsNoooSpoon thanks for the recommendations.

I saw memories of murder and paradise two films that I love !!!Bong Joon-h at the top apparently he is preparing a series in the universe of parasite.can't wait


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well I ordered myself old boy, the strangers, drug war, The Handmaiden, infernal affairs  and Sonatine



do you know sonatina? takeshi kitano


I'll give you a feedback on the ones I'm going to see

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Your welcome @Queraud


I havnt yet seen sonatine but it is on my watchlist.


By the way the best place for asian cinema is tubi it's a free movie app and has alot of great asian cinema. Most of the films that have been named are on or have been on tubi.


Audition,burning,the wailing,train to busan,I saw the devil,mother,man from nowhere, and others are on there for free right now.

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