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  1. Today I received not a steelbook, just a book but an amazing one for any fan of Drew Struzan art! Spoilers ahead , just a small sample of what's inside. The book is heavy and massive!
  2. Movie of the year right there. No doubt in my mind!! Villeneuve + this cast + this sci fi classic I want my HDzeta OC 😍
  3. Happy anniversary @extantsrevenge Enjoy your day🥳🎉
  4. Sorry to invade the German chat with some English here but I felt the need to comment Worst thing you can do is regret not buying it later on. Especially with these cinemuseum releases that go for ridiculous prices on ebay. That said after buying it if you feel like you shouldnt have, you will be able to get back your money probably tripled if not higher. I skipped on the 300 HDz OC, now my head keeps telling me I must have it... I just can't live with these toughts in my head, so my wallet is gonna suffer x2 probably 😁 As for the movie right there on top of horr
  5. 100% with you on this one! For me one of the top things makes their Box Sets so appealing is the variety of content. The hardcover art books, instead of a 3rd steelbook, simply puts their work on another level.
  6. Cool editions there, Blade Runner 2049 is my favorite! Hey @Veum someday you gotta show us the massive warehouse where you keep all your physical media. I mean where do you put everything, you're always getting so much stuff. I bet it's something like this
  7. Nice exercise @Steelbook Indy 👍. @extantsrevenge 🕑👀😁 1986 - Aliens 1987 - Predator 1988 - Die Hard 1989 - Back to the Future Part II 1990 - Home Alone 1991 - Terminator 2 1992 - Reservoir Dogs 1993 - Jurassic Park 1994 - Pulp Fiction 1995 - Se7en 1996 - The Rock 1997 - The Fifth Element 1998 - Saving Private Ryan 1999 - The Matrix 2000 - Gladiator 2001 - LotR Fellowship of the Ring 2002 - LotR The Two Towers 2003 - LotR The Return of the King 2004 - Collateral 2005 - V for
  8. All I can say right now is that you won't be disappointed 😉! Disclosing any more information could break the space time continuum!
  9. Just came back from the future and what I saw was everyone flooding this thread and bowing down to HDzeta after seeing what they have done with the Middle Earth Gold Label! Long live the king
  10. ⭐HDZeta⭐ Lenticulars - Awesome clarity and depth! Yet to be disappointed on one of their lentis. BoxSets - Really well built boxes, with gold label releases having lentis on front 😍 . Goodies - The goodies are different across editions in Gold Label. I dont really see myself going for OneClick's with repeated stuff across 3 or 4 editions. Special packs - Instead of adding a 3rd steelbook, the inclusion of a special pack which brings a hardcover artbook is much appreciated! And those lenti cards... my goodness blufans would take 2nd place
  11. My Blufans packages going through customs Everything else I import from outside EU gets stuck in customs. Only my Blufans Homecoming and now WW have simply taken the fast lane. Looks like Blufans has the magic touch 😃 The box was a bit mashed but this beauty was in mint condition inside it 😍 Thanks a lot MP ❤️
  12. Yeah you should definitely do that, it hurts my eyes looking at that picture of yours I actually have the same problem, lack of space I mean, I'm not stacking them up like that never in a million years! I had a custom floating shelf made a couple of months back, still need to paint it black and hang it on the wall. Gonna have another 7 of these made and then I'll have space to showcase 98 premiums like in the pic below. Added this little dent to keep singles from slipping over. Just need a little adjustment for the base of the slip to sit bett
  13. Captain Marvel joins the team! Missing Black Panther and GotG 2 from Weet. Weet still has the Black Panther lenti B1 I want in stock, but with the extra I would have to pay for customs here in PT l’d rather wait for something to show up on ebay...
  14. Honestly I wasnt expecting the game we got in the first half, after what I saw in the first and second game from Portugal I was expecting a game dominated by France with a possibility of a humiliating final score. Still a lot to play, we can still go home early but at least we put up a fight.
  15. Might this be it? the WWA to be used in this release? 😱 source: https://www.jpc.de/jpcng/movie/detail/-/art/das-ding-aus-einer-anderen-welt/hnum/10646550&subid=blu-ray-news/?iampartner=138&subid=nb1
  16. The stuff I got from media psychos (some from GBs and some from our boss John) - Doctor Sleep, Back to the Future, Drive OC + FS, Ford v Ferrari, Jaws FAC, Alita BB, Dunkirk, Spider Man: homecoming, Avengers: Endgame, John Wick Trilogy, Rambo Collection, V For Vendetta All the rest is from ebay, zavvi, amazon and a couple directly from FilmArena. I wish I had found out about media psychos before I did. I never knew there were actually these premium editions of movies out there, otherwise I would have been in the game for a much longer time now 😑 Edit: Ohh an
  17. This was quite predictable from what I saw in the first 15min of the game... We’re simply letting Germany play, no pressure, too many failed passes. Definitely this team needs to wake up or go home
  18. Ok this isn't really a new arrivals photo, there are definitely some new arrivals in there, so I thought I would post it in this thread anyway. To celebrate my 1 Year 🕯️ of being a collector I had this moronic idea of taking everything out of the shelves and take a pic of it all... No way am I doing this again for year 2 😅!

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