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Bloody Mama (Wicked Vision Collector's Edition #42) (BD+DVD Mediabook) [Germany]


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Release: 04.12.2020

Link (Wicked Shop): Cover A, Cover B, Cover C

Price: 29,99€

Limited: 444, 333, 333




"This is (...) the incredible saga of Ma Barker and her boys: The most bloodthirsty killers in the history of crime", say's the tagline in the trailer to the 1970s American low-budget drama movie by Roger Corman, that is - rather loosely - based on the original life story of Kate Barker (1873 - 1935), who is quoted as "the most vicious, dangerous, and resourceful criminal brain of the last decade", who died in a shootout with the FBI. The movie stars Shelly Winters (1940~1980s movie idol), and has an interesting supporting cast that include actors such as Bruce Dern or Robert De Niro. Corman counts this movies to one of his favorites, however the critics hated it. And after 50 years, this movie finally gets a release in Germany, but also an European premiere on HD blu-ray.

"Bloody Mama" will be part of Wicked Vision's "Collector's Series" and us such comes in a Mediabook with three different cover artworks to choose from, with Covers B and C being newly comissioned artworks, and Cover A showing the standard international movie poster. They will bear the No. 42 in the Collector's Series, and will have "just" a DVD copy included on the disc-side of things. There will also be an audio commentary with Robert Zion, an Interview with Rober Corman, "Trailers from Hell" with Roger Corman, and German and English movie trailers. And of course we get a 24 paged booklet with a new Essay from David Renske, but of course in German. There will be no English subtitles this time, but of course the movie comes with English original audio, as well as German dubbing.

The Release is already preorderable for a couple of days (sorry to be soo late with the news, but I was rather busy), however all covers are still in stock.



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Today my copy of BLOODY MAMA arrived, and lucky me, I once again got a postcard, i.e. I was the 177th pre-order. I chose cover C which is once more the artwork by Timo Würz, cover A was too much text for a cover artwork for my taste, and cover B was a bit too much like a collage. I did not know beforehand that cover C was by Timo Würz, but once I had it in my hand I was sure of it, and checking the last page, I was right :D

The booklet is full of stills from the film, which I don't care too much about (I'd rather see different artwork, behind the scenes pictures, screenplays etc. pp.). But on page 18 there is something highly interesting! As I already mentioned, this is based on a real case, and
from page 18 to 21 we not only get some information about the real people this story is based of, we also get some pictures of the real persons. Neat!

Here are some photos I took:


















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