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Meine Teuflischen Nachbarn (OT: The 'Burbs) (Birnenblatt) (1-Disc Mediabook) [Germany]


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Release: 15.09.2020
Price: 29,99€
Shop: Pretz-Media (only shop left to carry this, so I hope it's okey to link them just this once)
Limitation: 666

A word of advice upfront: This release was already sold out, and is sold out at most shops (and people are asking crazy prices on eBay already). I also missed it, but now Pretz has some last remainers on their shop. So if this is interesting to you get it as soon as you can!


On Christmas Eve last year Birnenblatt first announced that they plan to release a Tape Edition for "The 'Burbs" which in Germany is called "Meine Teuflischen Nachbarn" (My diabolic neighbours). This release will feature the vanilla Arrow master, and in addition there will be an audio commentary by the famous German podcast trio Torsten Sträter, Hennes Bender and Gerry Streberg (all of them comedians). Because they did not have any right for further extras, this should be a single-disc release and therefore just a Tape Edition was planned, as Birnenblatt reserves their Mediabooks for releases with more extras. However, on every post they posted to this release, a zillion people asked for a Mediabook - so on May 19th they announced that a 1-Disc Mediabook would be following (in my opinion 1-Disc = Digibook, but well), in a very low edition (just 666 copies), for all those crazy about Mediabooks. This release was however postponed 2 times, and so in the end, I missed the release and just saw it, once it was already sold out everywhere (some weeks ago). Originally planed to be released alongside with the tape edition in July it was finally shipped on Sept. 15th.

The release contains a 24 paged booklet by the famous German "Neo Zombie" magazie, and has an (as far as I know) exclusive cover artwork. Other than that and the already mentioned new extra, the disc is pretty vanilla, but uses the best available mater from Arrow Video. So this is most definately something for fans of certain packages (like Mediabooks) or Artwork collectors or completionist - there is nothing on this disc that wasn't already on any other disc, and there is far less on the disc than on others. But given that Arrow releases are expensive as well and that their Steelbook sold out pretty fast, the only other two remaining premium releases are the french "Édition Coffret Ultra Collector", and the SteelArchive Fullslip with an Scanavo Fullsleeve instead of an Ssteelbook, both of them sold out as well - this is a nice addition for a premium release for this movie.

Moviewise, this film deserves any premium edition it gets. This Joe Dante moive from 1989 has run pretty much under the radar, even though it features a great cast from Tom Hanks and Carrie Fisher to Bruce Dern or Corey Feldman. It's a great comedy in a suburban neighbourhood where the arrival of some "strange" new neighbours change the entire neighbourhood and unleash great evil. A black humour parody that exercises sharp criticism on the philistine, that was not only filmed on a famous Filmset on the Universal Studios (which was also used by Jaws, or Deep Impact, and was lastly featured in Desperate Housewives), but also includes tons of little easter eggs to other films, like "Nightmare on Elm Street", "Gremlins", and so many more. This movie is just great fun to watch. If you don't know it, here is the trailer for you:


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And to top this up, here are a few pictures of the release. These are not mine, they where posted openly in a Facebook group. I just ordered mine today, after missing out and by accident just finding out about this reminder sale. It just looks gorgeous and I cannot wait to get mine. Hope everyone wanting this still has a chance to get a copy. Best of luck to all of you!






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