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A long time ago, a steelbook now far far away...

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Hey hey!


Just ran into this part of the forum and it made me nostalgic! 


My first steelbook was in DVD, back in 2007, and it was Transformers. I really loved this steelbook with great embossing and a glossy finish!



But since I changed to blu-ray, I have sold all my DVD steelbooks (well I had around 10-20 I believe) so this one is long gone...

My first blu-ray steelbook was 2012. With time I like the movie less and less, but I still like the look of the steelbook so I kept it all these years (since 2010).




And finally, the steelbook that started it all, when I opened myself to international steelbooks, was with the first Thor from UK. A superb steelbook that I grabbed for a fraction of the price now (45€) and that made me go in the extravaganza of collecting steelbooks.



And today, I have 675 steelbooks, for 530 different movies and shows and I can't wait to keep increasing that number as since 2007, I can safely say that I never loved steelbooks so much! 

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Oh yes I agree I'm never letting this one go!! 


And yeah it is on my agenda haha, but I'm in the process or re acquiring my house and doing some extensive works so barely have time for myself, but as soon as I can I'll be happy to grab those awards! 


But yeah I love my collection and I can't stop wanting it to grow bigger! I do have a kinda global photo of the collection from last year: 




It even makes the 65" TV looks small... :D 

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