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Hello Media Psychos,

I'm a avid movie collector & I like limited editions, collector editions, steelbooks which are my favorite, & pretty much anything that is unique & cool when it comes to collecting movies & television shows that I love. I'm from Cleveland Ohio & have been collecting for a while now. What lead me to your site was watching the Wilsonian Movie Museum channel on YouTube & seeing the Forrest Gump UHD Club Wooden Case Edition & the link to where he purchased it sent me here. I think I might post some pics of my collection soon but before that I'd love for anybody to let me know some of what goes on here & where I can purchase the Forrest Gump edition I mentioned. I'm thrilled to be a part of this community & can't wait to hear from fellow collectors!


David Calascibetti

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Hi Dave @Dave5376 ,


great to see you have joined us . Sorry to hear you are Single 😀. For us that could though be good cause that means you have more money for yourself to spend on yourself LOL ...


Anyway if you have any questions you can contact any Staff member , we have a few Guardians here to help first time members around the forum .  Some of them are @airwins @romeroland and others.


I too like these special editions that can only be found here on Mediapsychos !   We have a very tight bond with many of the Retailers like HDZETA , UHD CLUB , MLIFE , WCL and soforth just to name a few. 


I can help you with a Forrest Gump edition , just send me a message OR you can look in our Classifieds section , that is where some members offer something for sale or insert a WANTED add . 


Everything is pretty easy to use , just click HERE for the Classified section !


If you want information about joining future Groupbuys you can take a look at our GB RULES, there you will find alot of good information .  Like i said if you have any further questions just ask and we will try to assisst as best as possible. 


Have a nice time and enjoy the site. 


Take care


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@Dave5376 welcome to Media Psychos, we're very happy that you found us, as we're the perfect place for collectors like yourself. We have many Group Buys for all the rare editions from around the world and I'm sure you will find things you like very fast. Take a look around and if you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask. I hope you will enjoy your time with us.

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Greetings and salutations 


I am fairly new to MP (joined in March) and I must admit that I first signed up for the sole purpose of trying to get the 2001 release by WCL, unavailable elsewhere (heard about it through the gravepine on Hidefninjas, another thriving collectors community of which many of you I’m sure are already members).

Long story short, I managed to snag a copy through the classified ads and thought it would be the end of it as I got what I came for.

But after reading some of the posts and seeing the amount of passion and dedication shared by MP’s amazing staff and members, I realized that even if I don’t purchase anything else in the future, I still very much want to continue being a ’Psycho’.

I am the proud owner of a modest but respectable collection of about 60 titles, half of which are steels while the others are mainly Premium or special editions (Manta, Novamedia, Kimchi, Plain Archive, Criterion).

Only one edition per title, all unsealed (if I buy a movie I want to enjoy watching it AND looking at the packaging 😁).




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