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  1. @Ehsan @Grendel, I moved your two posts here, You can discuss this release here, not in I&Q plz 👍😁
  2. Yes, disappointing film ... What a pity .... I haven't seen The Last witch Hunter ... And I haven't not really want to see him to be sincere ...
  3. I just saw Birds of Prey ... What to say ... In fact, I can't find anything to say .... Everything is overplayed, the actors are bad, the story is a big sh** .... Nothing makes you laugh ... This film is of no interest, So bad that I stopped watching it before the end ... In short, go your way ...😐 2/20 💤
  4. Okay !!! Yesterday I looked at Bloodshot !! 😜 Like many, the trailer really made me want !!! And as often unfortunately, I was quite disappointed ... 😢 The story however had a lot of potential !!! But I'm still hungry ... The characters are underdeveloped ... The story really lacks too much overview ... Anyway ... Dubative ...😕 11/20
  5. Okay, I just watched The Lighthouse, Rather intriguing film ... I admit that at this moment, my feeling is mixed, Already, film in black and white, and in 4: 3 ... Me who follows a lover of beautiful images very clear and smooth ... In short ... Fortunately, the duo Dafoe / Pattinson proves himself very quickly, and we are quickly interested in the intrigue, but I do not say more !!! Finally, several minutes after the face, I still think about it .... So I will register for GB MLife right now 😂 Anyway ... A film that I finally liked! 👌 14/20
  6. Bon dimanche à tous !!! Et vivement les vacances... 😋
  7. Bienvenue @Valentin67!! N'hésite pas si besoin 😁👍
  8. [Ultra Collector #16] Tootsie (Blu-ray/DVD) [France] Release date : 17/06/2020 Price : 50,00€ Purchase Link : Carlotta Blu-ray + DVD + 200p booklet
  9. J'avoue surkiffer l'artwork du Slip... Magnifique, avec des reflets bleus... 😍😍😍

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