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  1. Heyyy bud !!! Following Jets @ Pats !!! Enjoy 👍😘
  2. My small Nova Collection !!! ✌️😜
  3. Release date : 06/11/2019 Price : EUR 49,99 Link : Amazon WHAT'S IN THE BOX? The DVD of the movie: the movie on a DVD (roughly speaking) The Blu-ray of the movie: the movie on a Blu-ray (so far it's relatively simple) Displays the 25 years (that's because the movie has was 25 years that's why) The card game (then there against cons we need to explain) A FAMILY GAME EXCLUSIVE 400 CARD WITH QUESTIONS TO ASK AND ANSWERS TO FIND The goal? Get the letters O, D, I, L and E, and find out what that means. A letter is collected by just answering a question, or by challenging a challenge. What is the long jump record achieved by Karamazov (no single son link)? Where was Commissioner Bialès born? Finally who is the strongest: the hippopotamus and the elephant? We may have seen the film once and played 1000 times in the game, but we can not have seen the film 1000 times and play only once in the game!
  4. Release date : 05/11/2019 Price : EUR 29,99 Link : Amazon Final edition limited edition, comprising: - movie in theatrical version (111 ', VF / VOST) - Director's Extended Cut movie (117 ', partial VF / VOST) - The movie "The Last of the Mohicans" by George B. Seitz (1936, B & W, 92 ', VOST) - a poster of Michael Mann's movie
  5. @icewire 😱😱😱 I can't believe it..... RESPECT BUD !!! 👏👏👏
  6. Release date : 13/11/2019 Price : EUR 24,99 Link : Amazon Fnac
  7. Price : EUR 24,99 Link : Amazon Fnac

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