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  1. Cinemuseum is garbage imo... The booklets look my Mother designed them and printed at home. But yes, unique they are. Now they just have to focus on being good.
  2. Don't forget the Lenti one, which was the best one in my opinion. The weakest and my least favorite, is the Full slip. (Left). Had I not gotten the one-click I would not have even gotten that one. Hopefully the do something different. My biggest problem with so many releases getting done by 2-3, even 4 companies, is when they pretty much use the same art. I know that are limited and have to get approval, all that, but.... So just hoping for something we have not seen.
  3. Ah, got you. I only remember something coming up saying not like Blade Runner in that it is NOT coming with a 4K disc. All good. I actually like, maybe better? Will have to see in hand. Thank you
  4. Interesting. The pics show an edition of 148, but the specs were for 99 copies. See first page where they showed what it would look like. Still says 99 copies. Also, is this a new style of wood box? The past ones are closed with a hinge spine that you open up. The last pic shows that you can see on the inside, as far as what comes in it, and is open edge? But still looks like a wood box? Maybe just a different type?
  5. Agree and always wondered how it would have played out if Tarantino DID direct it. (True Romance). I don't think it would have been that different. NTK, would have been way different and for the better. What a shame.
  6. Love True Romance and still really feels like a Tarantino film, unlike Natural Born Killers. Oliver Stone butchered that script.
  7. Interesting, for once and Exclusive might actually be an exclusive. There is a Limited Edition Blu ray and UHD version that is not this steelbook. Arrow's website has and is the same as what DiaboikDVD in the US shows as well. Neither has this steelbook version listed.
  8. @Masterblaster I wanted to give a big shout out and thank you to John for these beauties. Got a couple weeks, right around my Birthday. Best gift EVER!!! So nice. Interesting that they decided to flip the cover on Blade Runner 2049. Guessing because they wanted to do the art over both and had to do it that way. Thank you also for the (almost) matching numbers #27 and #28. Thank you again. These are way up there in the top of the nicest stuff in my collection. Michael
  9. You're welcome. Lastly, there is a good video comparing the Japanese to U Mill Creek version, which i found very helpful. At first I thought it was just the booklet being in english difference, but it appears there is audio differences. Different Dubs.
  10. There is also a nice slipbox 4K releasee that got a world wide release. I got the Japanese version which was really nice. Mill Creek in US released a version not too long ago, but I heard there were problems with the UHD version. I thought the Japanese box was a little nice so was good with it. Check Amazon Japan for availability. https://www.amazon.co.jp/-/en/大友克洋/dp/B07TXPBD2M/ref=sr_1_1?dchild=1&keywords=アキラ+4k+blu-ray&qid=1617229489&sr=8-1 Or check into the USS Mill Creek one, but make sure they have fixed it before you get.
  11. Doubtful. I don't think they ever do steels. I have never seen them do one. Amaray Premiums. KimchiDVD did a steelbook premium last year. 3 versions and offered as a one-click with all 3. A lenticular, Full Slip and can't remember what the 3rd was. I did not like that edition and got the other 2. Probably can only find on ebay now.?
  12. I wish I could have grabbed that one when it was available. Both Blade Runner UHD Club. Missed as financially at the time could not. Can now, but not paying ebay prices. Ridiculous. But seen some unboxings for 2049 and looks gorgeous.

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