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EverythingBlu Exclusive (EE)

These premium SteelBook editions feature elements designed exclusively by EverythingBlu and that are only available to purchase at their store. These editions include items such as Blu-ray SteelBooks, full slipcases, lenticular slipcases, art cards, character cards and more, creating true Blu-ray collectors editions.


001 Shaun Of The Dead

002 Hot Fuzz

003 The World's End


BluPacks (BP)


001 Schindler's List

002 King Kong

003 Casino

004 Gladiator

005 Psycho

006 Hellboy II: The Golden Army

007 Oblivion

008 Get Out

009 Shaun Of The Dead



Blu Pick Series (BPS)

In this collection EverythingBlu exclusively designs elements like full slipcases, art cards and more, around a widely available Blu-ray SteelBook release, creating something unique and highly collectible.


001 Killer Klowns From Outer Space

002 The Mummy Trilogy (Book Of The Dead Edition)

003 Scott Pilgrim Vs The World

004 The Mummy Trilogy (Book Of The Living Edition)

005 Halloween

006 Spartacus

007 Gattaca

008 BlacKkKlansman

009 American Gangster

010 The Invisible Man



This collection is based around the plastic Scanavo Case and these packages and can include collectible items such as art cards, booklets posters, collectors folder and more. All releases are limited and numbered.


001 Boyz N The Hood


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Hello everyone,
We have said for a while that we have some big news coming and we want to share what we can with you today. 

Back in December of 2020, we were approached with a huge business opportunity and have been in negotiations since, which have now come to a head and as a result, EverythingBlu as a brand will come to an end extremely soon. However, this is not the end of the team who brought you EverythingBlu and hope you can soon recognise us in our new form next year. 

Any outstanding orders are safe and our support email will be open longer than the store of course so we can still be contacted if needed.

This will be the last chance to purchase any of our in stock products directly from us so if you wish to place an order, please do so as soon as you can to avoid any disappointment. 

Lastly, we wanted to say a huge thank you to all the support that we have received, EverythingBlu and our new opportunity would not have been possible without you!


Get Out - Only 10% Left
Invisible Man - Only 30%
American Gangster - Only 25% Left
Blackkklansman - Only 45% Left

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I just dropped by their Facebook page and rather odd announcements for a number of generic slip-amaray-cased Blu-rays that are pretty much available anywhere.

Not sure what is going on wrt their "transition" but couldn't find a decent answer on FB.

Twitter was identical, with no info of value.

I do wish them luck with whatever is going on as I very much enjoy the spec eds they've given us.  👍

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