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  1. Meanwhile Sheriff keeps pulling out the big guns in their CL debut
  2. We’re back! And with the most expensive clubs in history going head to head, PSG v Man City better have some fireworks 🥳
  3. In my opinion this white box looks so much cleaner than the one used for the original UHD edition. Kind of a bummer, but hey, art preference is subjective. Glad more people will get in on the release at least!
  4. But the ¡GOOOOL! calls are so glorious in Spanish 😂 I’ve been watching on uni mas
  5. Excited for today’s matches! Hopefully we get less draws than yesterday, which were brutal on my predictions😅 Cheers psychos, good luck 🍻
  6. The art on this release is some of the best I’ve seen, that outer box is stunning. Hope the quality carries throughout the whole package! I can’t wait.
  7. Thank you, I appreciate the help! Just wanted to make sure I got my bases covered 🙂
  8. I ordered a Full slip, but my invoice notes: 300 DL HDZ Is my invoice for a double lenticular? I want to make sure I’m paying for a full slip 😅 @deckard99
  9. France-Switzerland saw the Spain-Croatia game and decided goals were on the menu. Absolute madness of offense today.
  10. Same, my Full Slip has been stuck at ISC Chicago since June 8th. Glad it’s in good company 😂
  11. Looks like Germany have found themselves this Euro, finally figured out how to use all that talent they have. Or they just love scoring on Portuguese speaking countries 🤔
  12. Ice cold predictions, get your icey cold predictions here! I can guarantee 0 points on this match day.
  13. When Portugal scores late goals to get me a 4 point prediction. I have a pulse!

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