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  1. Sorry I realize that was confusing bc we were talking about steelbooks. TMS is an animation studio. They also made Lupin III which I wasn't really interested in until I heard that TMS made it, now I'll have to watch this too. Add it to the list!
  2. Good to hear on RoR! I'll have to give it a try, I liked Baki which had similar complaints from people as RoR. I haven't started Goblin Slayer but the reviews for it were not great so I'll pass on the steel as well. Almost everybody I've heard from shares your appreciation for Dr Stone, I'm excited to watch it! TMS put out Megalobox which I think is about as good as an anime can get for that genre so I'm hopeful for this title 😁
  3. Understandable, my list of anime to watch will take years to get through. The GAA movies were indeed set to get a new steelbook but there hasn't been any news about it since FNAC made the listing inactive. Italy actually got a steelbook for the movies but none of the eBay sellers will sell it to me 😂. I emailed one saying I would pay shipping to the US and he told me to bugger off.
  4. I bought the steel second hand when they were around $80, after Miura tragically passed away the prices skyrocketed. I'll let you know if I see one in the wild for a reasonable price. Have you watched the Golden Age Arc movies by WB? They're extremely well done and a good introduction to the story. The original anime is great though I like the end of the arc from the movies more. The new anime is pretty bad in my opinion.
  5. What are your thoughts on the animation in RoR? A few of my friends who were huge fans of the manga said the anime does the story a disservice. I even took this off my watchlist because of their reviews which was a huge let down. You're lucky my friend! 😄 I bought this steel from Zavvi several months ago, cost me almost $60. Being one of my all time favorites it wasn't that big a deal though, I'm really glad this anime finally got some love. I'm pretty sure the company who made this steel, MVM films, also made the badass Berserk steel that released last year. They really know my
  6. EverythingBlu posted on Twitter that this release actually will be a steelbook. I can't find any confirmation from either StudioCanal, Amazon or FNAC whether this is a steelbook or mediabook or amaray. For now I'm removing my conclusions (I can't edit my posts so just ignore when I said it wasn't a steelbook 😓)
  7. FNAC has released Beauty Shots. This release will no longer be a steelbook.
  8. Oooo I haven't seen that MIA box before. Does that include the 3 movies or just the series? @Mattrivers95 Where did you find a Samurai Champloo steel for 15 Pound????
  9. Now that you say that, there doesn't seem to be the spacing to say "à l'école des sorciers". The picture does look to have english titles.
  10. I'm pretty sure. If the steelbooks were the same as the initial UK launch I don't think they'd be able to call it an exclusive.
  11. Nice pickups! Did you just now receive King of Pigs? I'm super jealous of this slip, but I've been too scared to watch it online, hearing about how brutal and dismal the film is; do you recommend it?
  12. Harry Potter Complete Collection (Blu-ray Steelbook) [France] FNAC Exclusive Release Date: December 1,2021 Price: 79,99€ Purchase Link: FNAC

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