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Time for an Introduction

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Hey All....just discovered this site and it is right up my alley of interest.  I've been an audio/videophile since the mid 70's and, even though my girlfriend thinks I am nuts, take great pride in my film collection and home theater which is a constant but fun drain on my pension.  I was in the film industry for a couple of decades filming mostly shark work and other underwater footage around the world, leading filming expeditions and also filming topside on African safaris in Kenya, Tanzania and S.Africa.   These days I work as a drummer in several bands in the San Diego, CA area.  Currently, I have only about 73 UHD films and a few hundred more blu rays.  I try to sell the blue rays I already have when I replace them with their 4K versions which come with their own blu rays...not an easy task.  Attached photo is a shot of the my UHD titles.  You can see where the 4Ks end and the blu rays begin. 

At any rate, glad to be here and hope I will be able to both learn a lot as well as contribute to the film community here.   


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coffee.gif Hi @SteveDouglas, looks like you have a mighty fine start-up on your films! ;)


This is a great forum with amazing peeps that will help you on your way... I just started in March '19 myself and my wallet is already hurting (so is my wifey >:( at me! xD)!


Boy have you been around the world ✌️... and w/sharks no less :o!!


Impressive you are a drummer... I enjoy music alot, can't you tell from my sig below my banner... I like STRYPER (Robert Sweet, the drummer is awesome & so is his brother Michael the amazing lead singer/guitarist, etc., as is the rest of the band rock.gif) the most, have you ever heard of them, they are from Cali? Listening 🎧 to them from the early days!! :)


Hope you have as much fun as I am and watch your wallet :P


If you have any questions you can tag me @Veum, I'd be happy to help... also feel free to tag our leaders (use @ then the person's name and it will turn blue, this will get their attention!) as they will help you in any way they can, take care❣️


Veum bullwhip.gif

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@SteveDouglas thanks for taking the time to introduce yourself. Wow that sounded like an interesting worklife. Which Nature Doku feature your footage? Great collection, I'm also getting more and more 4K discs these days, such amazing quality on many releases. I think you will fit in perfectly here, hope you enjoy your stay with us 👍

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Usually my reps never tell me who buys my footage, but they always tell me about their massive commission.  That said, much of my raw footage has been used by Disney, National Geographic and the History channels.  Several advertising firms and other nameless entities have also bought footage.  I am retired now from it all and sold my last camera about 6 months ago.  As far as 4K is concerned, I am a bit dismayed that so many of the production houses, while remastering the video have ignored the audio mix. Audio is the most important thing to me as far as the home theater is concerned. 

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