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  1. This is the group buy that brought me to MP over a year ago, not going to let something as silly as sleep let me miss out on this
  2. I want to give big shout outs and thanks to @DodgyDave and @Masterblaster, my first ever one click, blufans homecoming, came in absolutely destroyed. These two fine gents were able to help me get a brand new copy!
  3. I told myself the only way I was going to double dip on Tenet was if it had this exact steelbook artwork.
  4. @Veum I just ordered this set from there, and it was really nice! If I remember correctly, I did have to double confirm my address separately, but other than that, it shipped and arrived fast, and most importantly was damage free! They even left a thank you note. Hope they do more releases in the future, would definitely order from them again
  5. https://www.facebook.com/104713101191420/posts/223628019299927/ steelbook design for Drive
  6. Hope this one has the same finish as infinity war, cause if so it will look sick
  7. So the ones releasing this year are just 4k upgrades, the summer release is the same but has bonus content, and then the winter release are the true 4k remasters?
  8. This is my first year collecting premiums not from ebay, but it definitely seems like WEA has been on a slow drip from what I've seen come out in other years. I understand that we are in weird times, but this seems like the prefect time for companies to capitalize on older titles that haven't gotten premium treatment yet. That way they can focus completely on the onslaught of films that might release next year
  9. @DodgyDave it is confirmed artwork, got it straight from BB website. They actually have two lotr listings, but one is like $30 more, but it doesn't have any images yet. Hobbit listing is also up, but no artwork for that one either. Definitely hoping for gold label, but will still get silver just in case there isn't
  10. Well we got the probable artwork for the silver label, and I'm freaking hyyyyyyped

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