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@Gary K.  Wondering what you thought of the finale?




Poor Kendall, heart breaks for the guy.  Rome screwed him in the board room in season 1, and now Shiv stabs him in the back (or saves him from himself) in the finale.


I don't know if I've seen a show so succinctly summed up by one character, in one line, in the finale. . . When Rome is sitting on the table and he just says . . . "We are bullsh!t. ... It's all fck!ng nothing, and I'm telling you this because I know it, okay? We're nothing."   That sums up the WHOLE show, imo.  Their dad was something, and they are nothing compared to him.


What did you make of Tom and Shiv in the car, he doesn't close his hand?  Not sure if you saw that NYTimes article talking about how "we are all Tom"?  It was a few weeks ago, and man, it just sorta feels like it's true, he's going to be the most ruthless of them all because he had to fight his way there, as weasel-ly as it was, just like Logan did.


It makes me hope that Will Ferrell and Adam McKay do some more drama.  The first time I saw Greg, the 6'7" man/child doing the Will Ferrell bumbling schtick, I was totally hooked.  Super smart casting and an incredibly funny Will Ferrell-esque character in the midst of all the toxicity. 


I have more to say, but was curious what you thought.  I def give it a thumbs up.  I really enjoyed this show, reminded me of my many years in NYC and all that craziness that happens at the earth-moving decision making level there.


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I was riveted and mesmerized at how I found myself still rooting for the three of them to get it together or even for Kendall to somehow get out of his own way despite knowing with every fiber of my being that they were broken, despicable toys, flawed at the inception and utterly incapable of anything even approximating emotional intelligence, self-awareness or empathy.


I loved Roman’s line in the abstract but it didn’t feel like something he would say no matter how much he gets off on self flagellating.


The final scene with Tom and Shiv in the car was fantastic.  She was broken and took her “best path” and it led to her inexorably giving up all her apparent power - and handing it to the guy she had subjugated with such glee and cucked for 4 seasons.  All she could do was hover that hand.  Apparently that was in the script.  Genius.


I can’t wait to see what Jesse Armstrong does next.

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