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Black Sails Seasons 1-4 : Limited Edition Steelbook Blu-ray [UK]


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Release Date : Live Now

Price : £66.99

Purchase Link : Zavvi

Notes :

2 Limited Collector Edition Steelbooks Bound In A Clear Slipcase (13 Discs + Bonus Features)  

1715. The Golden Age of Piracy. New Providence Island is a lawless territory, controlled by history's most notorious pirate captains. The most feared is Captain Flint, a man who would resist civilization at all costs.  A man prepared to wage war on the world.

This battle will reach across land and sea, from the brothels of the Bahama islands, to the halls of power in London, to the blood-stained decks of a Spanish man-of-war; and be fought by men and women whose names will be forever forged into our collective memory.  Names like Captain Charles Vane.  Edward Teach,  Jack Rackham, and Anne Bonny.  And last but not least… Long John Silver.



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14 minutes ago, ukade2327 said:

Watched all these seasons and really enjoyed them , not so sure that I'd stump up that much for them , maybe if the price drops.......

I watched season 1 episode 1 so far when the protagonist found out why SHE was called black beard. So about 15 minutes.

I was like. NO NO NO NO NO. Not this kind of show once again.

I hate when good shows are ruined with excessive sex. Rome. GoT. Spartacus.

Do not get me wrong.

Sex is great and everything. Sure. But shows and movies throwing it on your face all the time, no.

Hinting and mystique works for me. All and everything bare is boring.


So, this might be great show but I do not know ???? I was looking forward actually. Some episodes are directed by Neil Marshall. Good director IMO.

Am I weird ?

@Scary Hair @psychoscot @ukade2327




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5 minutes ago, ukade2327 said:

You should stick with it , it gets very interesting ,if you've read Treasure Island , this is about the rise of long John Silver ,its also quite brutal and bloody.....give it a chance .....

I've read it. As a kid. Liked it.

And I have this for free in HBO nordic. Well I pay for that so it's not free. lol.


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