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  1. OooooOoooooooh. I DO love this movie but I already have the Steelbook from a few years back. So I think I’ll have to pass on this one... ;D
  2. FN-2187

    Anime Collection

    Got my “Wolf’s Rain” Ultimate Collector’s Edition Art book signed by a few of the voice actors this past weekend.
  3. FN-2187

    Anime Collection

    Mary E. McGlynn's first job as an ADR Director was for Cowboy Bebop. She directed the cast (she's now married to Steve Blum) differently from how most ADR Directors would at the time anime was being adapted in the 90's. Mary McGlynn was an actor by trade so her first and foremost concern was getting a convincing performance out of her Voice Actors, whereas most other ADR Directors at the time were more concerned with lip-syncing things perfectly. I really credit her direction on character performances on Cowboy Bebop to be THE reason why that show's English Dub is considered superior to the actual original Japanese version. She also did splendid work as an ADR Director on the Bones Studio series "Wolf's Rain". And while I'm not a fan of Naruto- I know she did the ADR Directing on Naruto: Shippuden. She also did the English Dub on Appleseed.
  4. FN-2187

    Anime Collection

    Rule of thumb SHOULD be- Watch all Anime in Japanese UNLESS the English Voice Acting Director is Mary E. McGlynn. If Mary E. McGlynn is the English ADR Director- THEN, and ONLY THEN, should you watch the English dub!
  5. FN-2187

    Anime Collection

    As a personal HUGE fan of Uchuu Senkan Yamato 2199, I was fairly excited to see WHAT the English dub would be like. I watched the first 8 episodes and I can safely say that it is not my favorite. I highly recommend watching Yamato 2199, it’s a fantastically well-paced and well-written series... but either watch it in it’s original Japanese with english subtitles- or don’t watch it at all.
  6. Hey, does anyone want to help me out with this? I really want the hardbox for this set (the one with the gun on the front cover)- but I don’t want the Steelbook. Was anyone interested in just getting the Steelbook and not the hardbox? Would very much like to work out a deal.
  7. FN-2187

    Anime Collection

    Haha! Hey @Grendel- Yeah. I saw the new Funimation Set. The set comes with some cool stuff, the Vinyl is awesome, but the steelbook looked REALLY underwhelming- which is kind of what pushed me to hunt down the Korean Steelbook. Normally, what happens is I see what the U.S. markets are planning to release- and that motivates me to get any of the other editions. That's what happened when I saw Funimation release their edition of Wolf's Rain, Uchuu Senkan Yamato 2199, and now Cowboy Bebop. Also I've mentioned this before, but every time you mention "Sentai" I don't think of the distributor, I think of the actual series in Japan.
  8. FN-2187

    Anime Collection

    Finally picked up the Korean Cowboy Bebop Steelbooks for a hefty price on http://www.asiandb.com/store/detail.php?num=22024 This was my first purchase from them, and I've heard nothing but sketchy things- so as a result, let me tell you what happened with me. Order placed for Volume 1 ONLY on June 29th, at the time, I was informed that the item would ship out in 2-3 days. After 23 business days, I was informed that they actually DON'T have Volume 1 in stock, and that I would have to send them an additional $120USD for the Volume 2 (since they had volume 1 and 2 in stock). After sending the requested money, it took another week before the item was dispatched. When I got it, I found out that the items were opened and pre-owned and not new. I contacted the customer service page, and was informed that all "Rare Items" should be expected to be second hand, even though this was not detailed anywhere when I placed my order. Furthermore, I am STILL trying to work this out with Customer Service because the item was not listed as a "Rare Item" when I placed my order. All in all- a huge headache. So while I did eventually get what I ordered, it was a hassle and I don't even know if it's worth it. Honestly, if there wasn't a Cowboy Bebop reunion happening at NYCC'18 this year- I probably wouldn't have bothered. I also don't know what to do with this lenticular. I'm not keeping it on my shelf- so I might get rid of it.
  9. Whelp... looks like I will STILL not own any premium releases of the Star Wars films. Shame.
  10. So I work at a movie theatre- if you’ve gotten anything from my free poster give-away thread, you know this- My absolute favorite perk of management is shutting down the theatre at the end of the night to watch whatever I want in one of our screens. I just left now, after having watched the first few episodes of Voltron Series 7 in our largest theatre. Super fun times.
  11. FN-2187

    Anime Collection

    Took a while for me to post it here- but a HUGE, HUGE thank you to @larson1977 for snagging me the Ultimate Collector's Edition of Bones Studios' 'Wolf's Rain'. Lovely little surreal work beautifully adapted here in the US by fabulous ADR Director Mary Elizabeth McGlynn.
  12. Yup. For me, the cardinal sin for Steelbooks is lazily recycling the Amaray artwork. That’s why, as big of a Star Wars fan as I am- I have yet to pick up any Star Wars title from BF. It’s a bummer- because I have other BF releases and they’re gorgeous.
  13. Alright- I've already resigned myself to not liking the steelbook. I'll wait for the announcements of the slips and pick one up to replace with my Amaray copy before trying to pawn off the Steelbook by itself.

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