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  1. What a stunning release!! I'm very happy to own these editions in my collection. I already own the boxset of Blufans and I wasn't sure to take the full slip, because the artwork was already used for the Blufans lenticular edition - but I'm very glad that I went for the full slip too. The slip is amazing beautiful!
  2. Some pictures of the edition - there are very impressive embossing details on the slip
  3. My most favourite DC movie ever!! :) A very beautiful premium release from HDzeta - great job!
  4. I put my steelbook into the slipcase - what a wonderful edition now :) And I'm looking forward to part 2
  5. The best steelbook release of this movie. :) Some pictures of the full slip edition, which was for single sale only. As usual no embossing on the steelbook like all other DC releases, but the artwork is great!
  6. I decided to go for the single lenticular edition and I'm very happy with this premium release. The steelbook is really awesome - high glossy with embossing. The lenticular is sharp, colorful and has a great depth. Usually I'm a buyer of one-clicks if I really enjoyed the movie, but in this case I don't like the artwork of the boxset.
  7. Thank you so much for your welcomes! :)
  8. Another great release from HDzeta. I took a picture of all my lenticular editions - HDzeta vs. MantaLab The quality of the lenticulars are great again. My favourite lenticular cover is this one from the boxset. At the moment I only opened the single lenticular edition. As usually the steelbook is full glossy without any embossing, like other DC releases from HDzeta. The steelbook has a very great motive with strong and wonderful colors.

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