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Oops again a french new member !


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Hi Everybody,

As said in the title I am a french guy (again few froggies and we could launch a soccer team !)

I started to collect "movies" in end of the 90's... so I am not yet really old but not anymore Young. After the VHS (x2 to get the Original version with french subtitles + another one with the French audio), then  later DVDs, I have now around 1500 Blu-ray (including some DVD). I love mainly US and French cinema but not Asian or Indian.

As France is a poor country (or it's sometimes look like), we have often poor local editions and we are obliged to buy many imports (Zavvi steelbooks, US limited edtion or great asian boxes !  That's why I'm arrived on Media Psychos.

I'd like to order some items in buying groups so I hope somebody will help me (in French or English). For example I saw the future BluFan edition for Forrest Gump (one of my favourite film !!), so I am going to start with this first bought ;-)

Thanks for your time and your help,

Kind regards,



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HELLO AND WELCOME @lp19036 7c23ca5f.gif.e164924dd7be8296799536140fee4e0b.gif.e30e0072ffe5492375a9c51d79d6c306.gif

Plenty of LUSH steeteelbooks from around the world danceurfun.gif.a575e6969e0da75dea4a53678d9b5d2a.gif .

You will also find help IF you need it in I think we have just about EVERY lauguage coverd now image1.GIF.b69740986ad2f63ac591ff18d8a19c42.GIF .

Our Administrators are Masterblaster and DodgyDave ?.

French Moderator is Benoit46  , Germany is Hatori  ,  Larson1977 for the Netherlands.  U.K based are ukade2327  , Psychoscot , steelbookzombie and myself ???.

Any member here will be more than willing to help with any questions you may have :wham:.

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