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  1. Great site and great people, welcome aboard.
  2. Venom along with Deadpool are ones that I’m happy to have as many as I can 😀
  3. Maccy


    Still have the original 2600 and an Amiga 1200 that I’ve been meaning to get reset up .
  4. Maccy

    Nintendo Switch

    Can’t see a thread for it on here , so thought I’d start one. Do we have many switch users on here ?
  5. Huge spurs fan , cmon lets revive this thread ?
  6. Just watched War for the planet of the apes , very good
  7. Definitely agree with others for the crow?
  8. Welcome , New myself but seems a pretty Kool place
  9. Welcome , New myself but seems a pretty Kool place
  10. Welcome , New myself but seems a pretty Kool place
  11. For all those asking , Yes this is definitely worth a watch . Brilliant , one of Toms best if you ask me .
  12. Used to be a collected but gave up a few years back , decided to get back in the collecting and this was my first this time around.

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