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  1. Need a mod to help please. I requested 2x copies in the ROW group buy. Just want 1. Thanks
  2. Awesome. Makes me feel better being down at the bottom of the list
  3. Got to have this. Wish I saw the gb sooner though.
  4. Technically, yes, but I could care less. My eyes will hardly be paying attention to that and will be focusing on the amazing packages. Can’t wait to add this beast to my collection. Thanks MP!
  5. Got mine today. Really cool set. Thanks Mediapsychos for the group buy ?
  6. For sure, but I don’t have a lot of displaying space. I’ll make room for this though.
  7. E3 is not meant for shelf storage, that's for sure lol.
  8. If it’s possible to be placed on the reserve list for the GB, I’d be eternally grateful ?
  9. Got my one click in the mail yesterday. Thanks for the group buy MP!!
  10. I don't have the original boxset (just a pet sleeve or lenticular) so hoping to add this box to my collection.
  11. These steelbooks are really lame but I preordered them both for now.
  12. Only redeeming factor for this steel is if it will be glossy. Even then I still don’t like it much but I’ll still be getting one.
  13. Got my copy in today. Love it! Thanks MP and @forenhase
  14. Can’t wait to get this. Thanks for the GB Mediapsychos!
  15. Pre-ordered for in store pick up. If you select shipping first, you’ll be given the option for a $1 discount (per copy) to switch to in store pick up. Ordered 2 so got $2 off!

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