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  1. I was lucky to get in the final list for this but will need to hunt down a LOTR set. Hoping to pick up a membership in the next round!
  2. When I said "gets a box", I didn't mean I expected it for free. I knew there was a cost. And I don't expect anyone to be on the hook for someone else's stupidity. If I saw this group buy, in the 5 days it was open, i would have put myself down. But, I didn't, and here we are. In any case, I really hope you guys can get some more.
  3. I would love the opportunity to get one. I know i missed it so I take responsibility for that but anyone who got all one clicks direct, gets a box, so I don't know why it would be any different for a group buy.
  4. I totally missed the post that said you had to join a separate group buy to get the mother box. After getting all three one clicks in the group buys here, I’m pretty disappointed with the end result.
  5. Need a mod to help please. I requested 2x copies in the ROW group buy. Just want 1. Thanks
  6. Technically, yes, but I could care less. My eyes will hardly be paying attention to that and will be focusing on the amazing packages. Can’t wait to add this beast to my collection. Thanks MP!
  7. Kind of wish they did a box with one premium for each movie. Change it up! Stop doing 3 versions of the same movie in a box. Still going to get this, it's a must have for my collection!
  8. For sure, but I don’t have a lot of displaying space. I’ll make room for this though.
  9. If it’s possible to be placed on the reserve list for the GB, I’d be eternally grateful ?
  10. Got my one click in the mail yesterday. Thanks for the group buy MP!!

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