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  1. Hopefully they pack this up with extra goodies if they are using the same cover from the Blu release 😅
  2. Invoice paid 🤙 these MAG sets are very promising! Looking forward to the terminator set and district 9 🔥🔥🔥☺️
  3. hahaha I got it from the show Rick and Morty!!!
  4. Thanks a lot @romeroland I actually was intrigued about this site from your unboxing videos. Idk how they popped up on my YouTube feed but I’m glad. That got me interested 🤟 already made my first GB, down payment and everything. Just have to be patient now during this test run. Thanks a lot man for inspiring me to branch out and try something new that’s not eBay!
  5. Thanks a lot for reaching out. I really do appreciate it
  6. @deckard99 Just joined the GB for last action hero. Just waiting for further instructions now to get the ball rolling and reading over the guidelines again!!!
  7. dang that was fast reply!!! alright bet I'm sold. So ready to get involved in this community and place my first order. Down payment, too easy @deckard99 @R1s1ngs0n
  8. Good evening, for the upcoming  group by for: Last Action Hero (MAG MPM #01) [China]... Do you know what region it is since I'll be shipping from the USA? thank you :)


  9. Welcome to our new member Im_Tiny_Ri_i_ck

    1. Im_Tiny_Ri_i_ck


      thanks a lot! I was recommended to join after watching some youtube videos from fellow user, romeroland, after watching a few of his youtube videos on this forum. I'm in the process of relocating from louisiana to wyoming due to my job. however, I'm keeping my eyes open on the twitter feed on what looks interesting. definitely digging those one click and maniacs boxsets!

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