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New users wonder how to keep an eye on groupbuys going into UPDATE PHASE and NOT GETTING BANNED read here.....


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Snooze you will lose

★ Members ★

 new members, right along time ago this thread was created by the guardians in the ENGLISH room to stop you on all missing out on NEW group buys and then when groupbuys went into UPDATE PHASE to stop those who failed to update from getting BANNED from the site and all GROUPBUYS.


The original has the LARGEST following members of 345


1620294463_newgroupbuy.gif.6d0eb89af285dsold auction GIF by David



READ THE RULES IN THE FIRST POST and all will be happy and remember to sign upto email notification type in that thread and you will never miss out again 


then the rest of the staff cottoned on to how good an idea it was and created ones in the other language rooms xD 


french with 51 members


germans with 78 members


so what ever your language you can select which ever one suits you, remember it is still your responsibility NOT the staff!

we have now given you the required tools follow the rules in each room and all will be happy 👍


and remember if you found this useful hit the LIKE button below so staff know there helping you 👍


so to stop this, hook up to the thread above :D

text thor GIF


even @Hollywood E Rock loves help run the thread for that reason, like me xD


all the best

basil :D



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