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  1. good afternoon all, hope everyone is having a fine saturday basil
  2. well i dont drink much but i am guilty of a sweet tooth. but it did make me chuckle as in the over doing it at christmas, that most are guilty of 👍 basil
  3. the truest christmas sign i ever did see
  4. @thomue1987 thomas was looking around my christmas sites and just saw this, thought i would share with you 👍 https://www.wayfair.co.uk/christmas-decorations/pdp/the-seasonal-aisle-lantern-decoration-u002341398.html basil
  5. @extantsrevenge you been doing some moonlighting adverts nils? thought @Trianna could be the jewelled ostrich and maybe @thomue1987 fancied being lemar instead of a sloth? what ya reckon? all the best basil
  6. morning all well today has been a day of two halfs half cast plaster off and stitches out full plaster cast on for next 4 weeks and as long as it don't itch inside basil
  7. morning all hope everyone is well now need basil
  8. what you mean we something uk exclusive, nice 👍 basil
  9. @raylight daniel where have you been not seen any of your lady reports of late my friend 👍 basil
  10. not your birthday is it @Veum ? basil
  11. excuse me you forgot to add before that @RileyLad beer math we shall begin one beer a couple of beers a few beers glad we straightened that out basil
  12. morning all 👍 @Hollywood E Rock no mondays are pants as friday is along way off for most there is even a song about it my friend please watch it and understand why 👍 basil
  13. @Veum you not still looking for more steelbooks you lost basil
  14. Hi all hope everyone is good 👍 Still whacked out on pills atm Feels like When start getting bit more straighter pop my head in more often Basil 👍

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