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  1. Hi guys! I'm Andre from Germany and just stumbled across this forum! I used to have quite a big DVD collection back when blu rays were still quite new but sold almost everything and have sort of concentrated my focus in movie collecting on the films and editions that I truly, deeply love...5-star movies for me so to speak. I'm also a vinyl buyer so i had to trim it down on both sides ? My goal was to have a small media libary with the most beautiful editions of my favourite movies e.g. Blade Runner, There Will Be Blood, Pulp Fiction, Eyes Wide Shut, The Place Beyond The Pines, LOTR, Apcalypse Now and so on I've also been a huge Star Wars fan since I was 6 years old so that is pretty much burnt into my DNA, other than that I'm mostly an indie-flick guy, unfortunately never really got into the marvel and superhero movie hype eventhough Watchmen is still one of my favourite movies! It's great to see that publishers like kimchi, filmarena etc. are releasing indie flicks like Birdman, Whiplash or Manchester By The Sea in nice fullslip editions to be able to own these movies in a great edition that is worthy of the movie. I have almost sold all my 'normal' bluray releases in standard blue amary cases and have replaced them with either a fullslip, slipcase or digipack release. My favourite editions are: her (Kimchi Lenti), LOTR book shelf edition, The Revenant (Leather Slip) Wishlist: A fullslip edition of 'The Light Between Oceans' would make me very happy! That movie is a masterpiece, really wish more people would have watched that! I'm so happy that there are so many movie lovers here that are still into buying the actual medium and I'm really looking forward to interacting with you all here!

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