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  1. @extantsrevenge Sorry for the late reply. I remember seeing that list when I was first trying to find them, it was so helpful 👍. Whisper of the Heart and the Wind rises are my favourites, but obviously all the others are great too. Yeah, Grave of the Fireflies is one of the best war films, but it's just a little bit too upsetting for me to call it a favourite 😂. I'll have a look at the anime section, thanks for linking it.
  2. @Veum You're in for a treat when you watch them. They're all pretty good but my favourites are Whisper of the Heart and The Wind Rises. The classics (like Spirited Away, My Neighbor Totoro, and Princess Mononoke) are also excellent.
  3. Thanks for the information, that's cleared a lot of stuff up. Can I ask what your favourite Studio Ghibli films are, @Veum?
  4. Thanks, I'm definitely looking to add more Korean and Asian films in general to my collection. Pre-ordered Criterions Wong Kar-Wai box set and am eyeing up a few other Asian titles.
  5. Hi everyone. After seeing everyone else's impressive collections, I thought I'd share my own. I have attached images of my collection as a whole, but also front-facing images of the more premium editions I own. I think it's safe to say I have a soft spot for Studio Ghibli! 😂 Also, can anyone explain, or direct me to where I can find out, what 'one-clicks', and 'lenticulars' are please? I've seen these terms used elsewhere but don't know what they refer to. It might be small, but we all have to start somewhere, right? I look forward to growing my collection further.
  6. Hi everyone, I've been collecting DVDs and Blu-ray's since around September, but also recently got into Criterion Collecting. Film has always been something that has interested me and it's the main thing me and my mates bond over. I am currently a final year university student, studying journalism and media studies. I've never used a forum before so am still getting to grips with everything, but thanks for the welcome messages. I look forward to being part of this group. Thanks, Luke.
  7. Thanks for the welcome, it's nice to be here. I'm new to forums in general so still getting used to how all this works haha.
  8. Welcome to our new member LukeB1410

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