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  1. Amazing @deckard99 You will have a PM in minutes. Thank you very much for your attention
  2. Ey ey ey don't misunderstand the situation! I just asked what's the price for the OC, with extra information. From the point to ask how much I would be charge, to recommend me to leave any GB under MP name... That's rude, thought. I trusted in MP staff before, why should I suspect from any of you now? Just asking how much I will be charge and, of course, when 😊
  3. Well, unconvinced response after all. Remember guys that some customer came to your page because you work for and only "to ourselves", collectors. That's the reason I joined to a GB here for my first time, and I am very proud of it. But leaving the price questionings at the end will cause dizziness about releases for whoever is not "regular" customer or a rich collector! There are some collectors here concerned about the price, I bet. I will pay attention to the price, as I do to every single message on each post 😊
  4. I did ask about the price for this release... HDZeta just made it public: Double lenticular - 49.99$ Single Lenticular - 47.99$ Other sites have finished their private GB (knowing the prices - incluides shipping) Finally, how much for this ONE CLICK? And the HUB Delivery?
  5. Has anybody received the edition directly from U'mania to UK? How long did it take since dispatched?
  6. Yesterday I've received my DL edition... Have to say quality of this one is not good enought: - On the Cover of lenticular, there is a scratch - Two dents on the steelbook @DodgyDave I'll send you detailed pictures about these faults PD: Thank you team for all the efforts and forgive my desperation waiting for my first purchase here. So happy to deal in this forum
  7. Welcome to our new member chemartin_1

    1. chemartin_1


      Thank you very much.


      I've registered to entry into a GB for some Blufans releases!


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