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  1. Finally it arrived – Midsommar Coffee Book…wait what? Just kidding. Latest Ari Aster film in Director’s Cut version for the first time on 4K in A24’s Shop debut in selling Limited Editions. What is cool that A24 is the studio that is behind the release of the film, so it’s nice touch that they had released their own film in their own manner. So what they come up with? Amazing digibook edition unlike any edition of this type. First of all, its huge – tall to be exact. It’s high as 1,5 standard blu-ray box, so it’s not an easy item for a collector to keep. The best way is to keep it on the display or with other bigger size editions on the shelf. Size of it is the main shocking point when you open the delivery box. I was expecting DVD size, but when you see it for the first time your eyes are popping out. What is strange, when you have it in hand, its hard to have an impression that the size is inappropriate or something is wrong with it. Probably the effect of Coffee Book is playing a game with you. The yellow-mustard or Hårga-yellow slipcase is sturdy enough to feel the premium power of it. It is covered in fabric or some kind of material or its just an imitation made from paper. I am not a specialist, but the fell is awesome again it’s great touch that makes this minimalistic edition, grow with every step you play with it. Inside the box, there is digibook with 62 pages featuring original artworks from the film by Ragnar Persson and a foreword by Martin Scorsese. Those artworks may have been seen in the film, but I don’t remember all of them there. I also have a feeling that not all those that were in the film are included here – but this is good motivation to watch it again. Director’s Cut is longer for about 20 minutes and it’s first release in 4K. Earlier it was released on standard Blu-ray in some countries, but 4K was only for theatrical release. So it’s a good start for A24 in their physical media affair, especially that it sold out in few hours. What spices this more is that shipment for outside of US collectors, was not cheap – so it shows how much collectors appreciated this edition and the whole film by itself. Check out the unboxing here: https://youtu.be/nX_leEuKP98 https://youtu.be/nX_leEuKP98
  2. GORDON’S ALIVE in 4K! Gorgeous looking set prepared by Studio Canal for UK market is the best option from all that are prepared for the release of Flash Gordon in 4K. This edition has the biggest variety of disc and goodies compared to other countries, so watch out what you are buying as it may not be the same. Digipack is stocked in very nice rigid hard box that reminds me of limited Arrow releases, however this is more glossy and some elements of it have holofoil effect. Size of it is similar to hard box sets from FilmArena, but little bit thinner. For protection I used pet sleeves aimed for that, so I have a gap around amaray width. Edition consists of 5 discs, film on 4K and BD as well as special features and future length new documentary – Life After Flash. Last disc is CD Queen Soundtrack. This edition feels like premium and it is for those who remember old school collector’s edition from the past (ex. Troy Ultimate Collector’s Edition on DVD). Fantastic package with posters, artcards, booklets gives an impression that producers wanted to celebrate anniversary with this release. Collector’s booklet and minibook are nice however comic book strip is so small that it’s hard to have fun with reading it. It’s so spectacular set that I miss only some kind of letter from the cast or crew with foreword or something like that – about their feelings how it looks in 4K after so many years. Great job, Studio Canal – I am hungry for more treatment like this! See you with the new video! https://youtu.be/d3nNlOjiVz0
  3. This movie series is one of the rare low-budget horror flicks that are actually good. Simple storyline, puppets and terrible acting but this is a monster movie from the 80s, so everything matches the nostalgy of that era. In line with Gremlins, its the series that everyone have to have on their shelf. This particular DVD release comes from...Hungary. Not so obvious country has released probably the only special / limited edition of this movie. Up till now only blu ray edition was released in few countries in futurepack or boxed, but still this edition is the only somehow special. Extremely rare and almost impossible to find Fur Box is a real grail for those who collect movies. I was hunting it down for almost a year until local collector helped me out to get this beauty. Released by EEAP company this set worth to have it whenever you will find that someone is selling it out.
  4. PET Slips from Korean retailers its different thing. I was talking more about for example Game of Thrones steelbooks with Sigil. Fully closed slips sooner or late will be damaged if you will be opening and closing them. For sure they should do them more sturdy, like steelbook central protectors, but even those will have problem when you use them frequently. I think the best option is if they produced them with one side open, just like normal full slip.
  5. Mad Max: Fury Road - third edition made by Titans of Cult. Amazing looking set with 4k edition of the film. I am not big fan of PET slips due to the fact that they are breaking in frequently used parts, but i must admit that this one looks very cool. Inside you can find exclusive art steelbooks - Mini and standard one. Mini steelbook keeps enamel pin and normal one is equipped with 3 discs (4k UHD and Standard Blu-ray + Black and Chrome edition) with the film. I like the minimalistic look of the steelbooks and the hard work that was put into this release. Good Job Titans! Subscirbie, Like & Share! Thanks for stopping by!
  6. Subscribe, share and give likes if you like the video …and see you with the new video!
  7. Rocky Saga is the series of films that have special place in my heart. They are a bit cheesy especially when you watch them today, but they lunched the career of Stallone and gave birth to amazing music themes that are still fresh today. It’s fun to watch how USSR was portrayed in Rocky IV or how cartoonish Clubber Lang looks from the perspective of time. It was series that developed and used steady cam for the first time, as well as introduced Dolph Lundgren to the masses. This set was my first contact with this CMArt. I needed and upgrade from DVD to Blu-ray in my collection and this compact set was the best to go. Very nice slip, with spot gloss and amazing art for the lenticular bought my attention. I am not the fan of the back of the slip, but WWA steelbook, that in my opinion was lazy attempt to take money from the collectors but it’s the decision of Fox about the look of the steelbook so it’s hard to complain. I just have a feeling that it lacks the film vibe with white background, they could have used one of the amaray releases arts that were fantastic or come up with something totally new. Thanks to this edition we don’t need to focus only on steelbook, as we have amazing 80 pages booklet with yellow cover very similar to the book released by Taschen back in 2019. Heavy and loaded with a lot of production info & photos look very impressive in hand. In addition to that 6 postcards that are amazing, and some of them I have seen for the first time. Cine-Museum have done very good job with this box, but for those who pre-ordered it (so probably everyone as it was sold out) they as always prepared special gift. This time it’s amazing golden glove necklace that appears in the series in nice grey pocket bag. It’s not golden necklace, but its well made and what’s important for me can be kept inside of the steelbook. I really hate when retailers give parts of the edition that are made to be…outside of the edition. Marvelous set, hope you will like it.
  8. Twenty+ years ago Fight Club was released. One year before the end of millennium. It was the era when DVD format was more and more gaining on popularity due to its crystal clear picture at that time. Fight Club is perfect title for checking how the physical media editions evolved. Let’s check my new physical media evolution section;) First in the row is amazing VHS edition from Russia, that was recorded with laser (on the tape). This technology was the last attempt to hold VHS from dying. Oversized box teases with something exceptional and its true. This edition was made from quality materials and as we can see (after 20 years) still looks solid and nice. Next in line is well known UK digipack that was perfect edition for its time with heavy packed special features. It was re-released few times but only in normal plastic case, that’s why this first press digipack has special place in my heart. Great artworks and eco-feel paper booklet are strong point of this set. Strong is also the glue under plastic casings, as they stick without any problems to this date (some mediabooks in my collection after 2-3 years tend to detach or move towards the gravity). When era of steelbooks arrived into collectors world, there were many interesting editions. I don’t have all of them, the one was enough to keep up with new documentaries in bonus section. So the third edition is from Poland with short j-card. Mate finish was not the best idea, to tell the truth, but the art is great and it is in line with movie theme. Enough said, lets go to the next. For a long time there was no premium edition of Fight Club...until 2018 when two retailers thought its good idea to pull the same title in the same time. It reminds me Armageddon vs. Deep Impact showdown when two companies are trying to divide their fans. In this case it was Manta Lab & Black Barons (FilmArena spin-off). Both editions gave me headache. Manta had very good start with showing early steelbook art that was perfect. However the project was not green-lighted and they had to change it for...brownish mistake. Steelbook was huge disappointment and probably it was main reason I shifted for Black Barons edition. Manta had offered 3 version with same crappy steel, with over-photoshoped full slip, boring lenticular and double lenticular edition that was copy-paste of old steelbook concept art. Double Lenti was nice and probably best edition (as I think of today) but due to earlier reason and price difference I finally went for Czech edition. It’s worth to mention that Manta's one-click box was amazing, and if not the fact that there were 3 bad steelbooks, and 2 out of 3 worth slips I would go for it without any doubt. Black Barons attempt with WWA steelbook presented in the video has also elements that could be done differently. Packing is great - glossy full slip and minimalistic art are nice in hand but the steelbook is way too psychedelic and not keeping the movie atmosphere and vibe. I like it but as a part of the set it looks like part of some different acid exclusive line. For the past years there were interesting editions but still there was lack of really cool set. I would love to see some kind of mixture of Manta Lab’s one click box with execution on the level of Psycho Legacy Box Set or Game of Thrones Complete Collection. Something unique and cool with the soap and bubbles:) See you with the new video!
  9. Whaaaaat? Germany is the best place apart from UK where you can get autographs (!!!) First of all, comic cons...ok, some are expensive some not. I am from time to time on those. Not all of them but 30% - mainly Dortmund & Berlin...but Berlin only when it's worth it. I prefer to get one aoutgraph of someone who is important for me, but pass on some of the steelbooks;))) Second thing, there are a lot of premiere/events where stars attend. So...i am frequently in Germany to have signatures:)))) Generaly i travel the world to meet my beloved stars. Recently i made a clip how i went to comic con but in UK - in Liverpool. I was to meet Elijah Wood & Mickey Rourke...but the second one didnt come. It was starting point for Covid in Europe...so things were changing rapidly.
  10. I perfectly know what you are saying. My story whent other side - MoS release was exceent so i bought their next Deadpool even though i had filmarena Hardbox on the way. Than Revenant, but i reduced film arena version instead. To this day, FA version of Revenant is steal sealed. In case of Lenticulars....i was always Full Slip guy and only HDZeta changed it a bit with theirs Terminator releases, when i loved their lentis. Overall, now the market has so much changed that i don't know what i prefere. I think still Full Slips, due to the fact that i can put an autograph on them;)
  11. Thanks for good words and such nice comments! I was really surprised and it motivates me more to do them better and better:) @Hollywood E Rock thanks for sharring the post, its nice that you always support me big time. @RAK @Benoit46 @mjk @DodgyDave @Veum thanks for apreciation on the video!!! Please share, subscribe i put likes. I am doing it non-profit but it's always nice when the reach is bigger and more people can watch your efforts... because you can read so many great things like here;) Thanks again and see you with new video;)
  12. Man of Steel was packed in many interesting editions after it was released. The most popular was metal tin with Superman logo, but it had its flaws, mainly connected to opening of plastic cover, but on display it was amazing. In this video I would like to focus on one gem, that was one of the best premium editions on the market from my point of view. Later on it was re-released by HD Zeta, but that is another story. This particular edition was strong debut of Manta Lab, retailer from Hong Kong that on that time was unknow to collectors community. It was theirs first release that shook collectors and divided them in the end. It was beautiful release on the paper and the one to go for every blu-ray addict, however when it was released there was much discussion about holographic foil abuse. In my opinion it was good idea, especially when it comes to the front art, that is little bit blurry from the start and this effect adds little bit of extra to the whole picture. It was also repeated by Film Arena with “In the Heart of the Sea” [you can find this edition here - https://movieshelter.blogspot.com/2016/10/in-heart-of-sea-full-slip-limited.html], that was misfire for me, but its different topic.Full Slip is not the only thing that deserves the podium, as the steelbook that it holds is amazing piece of art. Embossing on the logo and main title with this incredible artwork is brilliant mix. On top of that glossy finish and it was easily the best steelbook of the year. In addition to the whole release standard postcards and booklet. Manta Lab entered the market with big bang and the rest is history. To spice this edition up – Man of Steel’s signature was mandatory. I gave it to Henry Cavill that I met during promotional tour of Netflix series Witcher. He was very nice in person & I was surprise by his kindness and patience. He literally delayed the screening of the series due to the fact that he wanted to talk to everyone who wanted to meet him. I believe he is the true Man of Steel. With the whole amazing news about final release of Snyder Cut, I thought it would be good moment to do the unboxing of this amazing edition. Have a nice unboxing experience! Video unboxing:
  13. Hello Collectors! What do you think about Black Mass? I believe it was one of the best examples of magnificent talent of Johnny Depp. I loved his transformation for this role and how he played this character. Just before pandemic I got a chance to meet Johnny on Minamata premiere and got his autograph on this lovely edition of Black Mass. He signed it twice, as he was disturbed by the bodyguards and overlooked that he had done it just a second ago. I thought it is great chance to do new unboxing video and add footage how Johnny signs a copy and sees my hidden camera. Check it out at 4:34 (!!!), closer to the end of the video . This premium steelbook release is made by Czech company FilmArena with WWA steelbook. Full slip with spot glosses is perfect, using one of the best art for the movie, the same goes with lenticular magnet that merges two posters into one flip flop effect. There is not much 3D effect on the lenticular, but still it’s a nice touch. Not a big fan of the steel itself, it’s just bit too lazy for me but overall package is brilliant. Subscribe, share and have a lovely unboxing experience #movieshelter.

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