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DC Comics SDCC 2022 Wrap-Up -- Black Adam, Shazam! Fury of the Gods, The Sandman


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Netflix’s TV adaptation of The Sandman, the legendary comics series written by Neil Gaiman and brought to life by a variety of groundbreaking artists, is well on its way, starring Tom Sturridge as the eponymous lord of dreams, and, among other actors, Gwendoline Christie as the literal devil.






Oct 21 2022 BLACK ADAM










Dwayne Johnson’s upcoming anti-hero movie is the next live-action DC movie on the docket, and will be introducing the Justice Society. Originally slated for a July release, it was moved to October amid a flurry of Warner Bros. schedule shifting. A new trailer was released, showing Viola Davis’s Amanda Waller, more of the Justice Society, and a red, horned new villain (although it appears that part was cut from the version that was released online).


Johnson first appeared on stage in costume, before a quick change into something a little less cape-focused. He talked about giving the DC Universe a new start with the Justice Society, and the opportunity to build it out more. One fan asked him who would win a fight between Black Adam, and Superman, to which Johnson retorted “Depends who’s playing Superman,” to screams from the crowd.









A surprise hit back in 2019, the first Shazam! movie was the kind of good-natured family fun you’d hope for from this particular character. Coming into SDCC, we’d already seen Helen Mirren and Lucy Liu as villainous ancient goddesses. The new trailer gave us much more of Mirren (including a moment where Zachary Levi’s Billy Batson says he’s seen all the Fast and the Furious movies, the latest of which starred Mirren) and our first look at West Side Story star Rachel Zegler in the movie, as a new character with glowing hands.


This was the only movie to get bumped up in the Warner Bros. scheduling changes, moving from a 2023 release to December 2022.


Source: Polygon DC Comics


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  • ShadowWarrior changed the title to DC Comics SDCC 2022 Wrap-Up -- Black Adam, Shazam! Fury of the Gods, The Sandman

While I enjoyed the trailers, I can't help being let down/disappointed there was no Henry Cavill appearance or Man of Steel/Superman news 😭


Dear Deadline, you are dead to me now. I guess you lived up to your name.


I'm happy The Rock knows his role and that he has FINALLY come back to finish bringing the character of Black Adam to life. I'm a Dwayne Johnson stan but he and his agent/manager/ex-wife needs to get Henry and WB to sign on the dotted line!


The Rock GIF

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